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Food, Hygiene & cleanliness Committee

Background History

Committee of CFHC

  1. President: Dr.Sangeeta Ravat, The Dean(G&K).
  2. Secretary- Dr. Ravindra Deokar, Professor(Addl), Forensic Medicine.
  3. Joint Secretary- Dr. Pavan Sabale, Assistant Professor, Community Medicine

Executive Member

  1. Dr.Dhangauri Shenvi, Professor & Head Physiology.
  2. -Deputy Dean(K).
  3. Dr. Amita Athavle, Professor & Head,Chest Medicine.
  4. Dr Vinita Puri, Professor & Head, Plastic Surgery.
  5. Dr. Milind Nadkar, Professor, Medicine(EMS lncharge, Secrelary DDF).
  6. Dr. Gita Natrajan ,Professor, Microbiology(AlumniAsso.Secretary).
  7. Dr. Samir Rege, Professor, Surgery.
  8. Dr. Nitin Dange, Professor(Additional), Neurosurgery.
  9. Dr. Ravindra Kembhavi. Professor(Additional),Community Medicine.
  10. Dr.Tushar Rathod ,Associate Professor,Orthopedics.
  11. Dr. Shwetal Pawar,Assistant Professor, Nuclear Medicine
  12. Warden- UG Hostels.
  13. Matron-KEMH.
  14. Principal, Nursing College, KEMH.
  15. Mrs.Sankhe, AE (M & E).
  16. AE Civil.
  17. AE (M & E) 2.
  18. J Chief P.O.
  19. Gymkhana Secretaries
  20. Cleark T.K. Office (G & K).


  1. College Main Building-Dr.Dhangauri Shenvi Professor&HeadPhysiology.
  2. OPO Building and Dean, ODOffice, OD(ll)- Deputy Dean (K)
  3. CVTC Building- Dr.Amita Alhavale Professor & Head Chest Medicine.
  4. Gynaec Building-Dr.Vinita Puri Professor & Head Plastic Surgery.
  5. Casualty Building.- Dr.Milind Nadkar Professor Medicine(EMSlncharge).
  6. New Hospital Building-Dr.Gita Nalraj Professor Microbiology.
  7. Mortuary Complex, Blood Blank & Skin Ward, Ward19,etc-Faculty, Forensic Medicine.
  8. Orthopedic Complex- Dr. Tushar Rathod, Associate Professor, Orthopedics.
  9. LibraryBuilding-Dr. Pavan Sabale, Associate Professor, Community Medicine.
  10. All UG Hostels- Warden, UG Hostels.
  11. All PG Hostels- Dr. Dhangauri Shenvi, Professor & Head Physiology; Dr. Ravindra Deokar Additional Professor, Forensic Medicine.
  12. All Staff Quarters– J Chief PO.
  13. All canteens- Dr. Nitin Dange, Dr. Ravindra Deokar, Dr. Tushar Rathod,Matron KEMH , AE Civil, AE (M&E).
  14. GSMC grounds & Lawns, Open spaces- Dr. Ravindra Deokar(Garden In-charge), AE Civil, AE (M&E), Gymkhana Secretaries, and All.

Cleanliness Programs:

  • Plantation on 01.01.2022 in the hands of New Dean (K) – Dr. Sangeeta Ravat Madam at Seth GSMC.

  • Plantation on 20th August 2021- KEMH.
  • Plantation at KEMH on World Environmental Day 2021.

  • Cricket match inauguration by Dean Sir.

  • Plantation at GSMC college Garden at Gate no. 1 on Doctor’s Day in the hands of Hon. Dean Sir. (01.07.2020)

  • Welcome of new Dean(K) with PLANTATION……on 01.11.2018.New DEAN DR Hemant Deshmukh started his first day with PLANTATION in KEMH.
  • Plantation in the hands of Senior Police Inspector- Bhoiwada on 02.07.2020 at OBGY BUILDING GARDEN🌳🙏🏻🌳

  • Plantation on 02.07.2020

  • Swachhata Hi Seva जनजागृती अभियान 27.09.2018 to 02.10.2018 Co-Ordinate by CHFC

Green initiatives under CFHC-KEMH: Development.


PLANTATION UNDER ÇFHC-KEMH 🌳Clean KEM🌳Green KEM🌳 initiative today @08:00 am(29.11.17) in front of Library building, KEMH.

PLANTATION AT ROUND GARDEN AT KEMH GATE NO. 04… the hands of Hon. Director Sir…..(20.11.2017)….🌳CLEAN KEM🌱GREEN KEM 🌳…INITIATIVE under CFHC-KEMH.

Cleanliness Squad:

Green KEM Clean KEM:

We had conducted a *cleanliness drive at KEMH CAMPUS* in collaboration with A team of Central Excise Department including Assistant Commissioner, Central Excise Department on *28.09.2017 at 10:45 am* starting from Gate no. 01 of GSMC & KEMH.

Now, under *Cleanliness Awareness Drive* we are arranging a Role play by nursing students on *Cleanliness-Need of hour*

on *26.10.2017 at 11:00 am* in front of Central Canteen, KEMH under guidance and supervision of Mrs. Pradnya Nachankar, Principal, Nursing College, KEMH & Team under CFHC-KEMH.

1. Nursing College, KEMH.

2. Nursing College, Hinduja Hospital.

All requested to come.


Go ‘Clean’: Nursing Students perform a street play

Besides cleanliness drive at respective departments under supervision of the Cleanliness Officers and vigilant facilitation by Vigilance officers under CFHC-KEMH,
we had conducted a *cleanliness drive at KEMH CAMPUS* in collaboration with A team of Central Excise Department including Assistant Commissioner, Central Excise Department.

on *28.09.2017 at 10:45 am* starting from Gate no. 01 of GSMC & KEMH.

Cleanliness drive started at KEMH by Dr A N Supe, DIRECTOR & DEAN, KEMH

Photo Gallery

Visit on 29 May 23 by Professor Joseph Muenzer, Pediatric Geneticist , University of North Carolina

Workshop on “Principles of Scientific Writing” 12, 13 October 2017, conducted for Pfizer Ltd

Mr Ashnik Chauhan at the DIA meeting in Chicago in June 2017

90 years of Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, January 2016