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Ear Nose and Throat Surgery

Background History

The Department of Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) at KEM Hospital holds a prestigious position as one of the longest-standing among all ENT departments within the Municipal Corporation Hospitals. Its origins trace back to the initiative of Dr. T.O. Shah, originally a general surgeon. This department has been instrumental in pioneering microsurgical procedures for ear-related conditions and similar fields.

Over the years, it has played a pivotal role in educating and training over 1000 ENT specialists, many of whom now practice both in India and abroad, imparting knowledge in various otolorhinolaryngological surgeries. A unique distinction of our department is its consistent two-decade-long record of organizing microsurgical ear and endoscopic sinus surgery workshops, contributing significantly to disseminating modern concepts of ear and sinus surgery to even the remotest corners of India.

Currently, the department is under the leadership of Dr. Hetal Marfatia. We provide a wide range of services across multiple ENT subspecialties and prioritize the comprehensive training of our students, equipping them with the skills required for the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of various ENT diseases.

Sections Units Branches


Name Of Faculty


Email id


Dr Hetal Marfatia

Prof & HOD


Dr Milind Navalakhe



Dr Nilam Sathe

Asso Prof & HOU


Dr Kamini Chavan

Asst Prof



Dr Aakriti Chandra

Asst Prof


Dr Anoushka Sahai

Asst Prof


 Courses Offered
M.S. (ENT)       


  1. O.P.D.
  2. Endoscopic examination of ear nose and larynx
  3. Audiology including pure tone Audiometry. Impedance Audiometry.
  4. Speech Therapy.
  5. Investigations for vertigo.
  6. CCT for demonstration of different types of operations.
  7. Video library.
  8. Cadaveric dissection laboratory. 


  1. 3 Zeiss Vario 700 Microscope with dedicated video recording and computer systems and attached HD Endovue Monitors.
  2. 1 Zeiss Extaro 300 with video recording and computer systems
  3. 1 Optofine bliss microscope.
  4. 1 Zeiss microscope for temporal bone dissection.
  5. Storz Professional Image Enhancement System (SPIES) with HD camera, xenon light source, inbuilt recording and 5 spectral modes.
  6. 2 Atmos workstation with integrated endoscope, microscope, stroboscope and recording system.
  7. Medtronic Skeeter micro motor drill.
  8. Medtronic Micro debrider instrument
  9. Medtronic Optical Navigation System
  10. Smith & Nephew Arthrocare Coblator system with coblation wands (Evac 70, Procise Max)
  11. Lumenis Acublade Laser system
  12. Atmos Stroboscope with Telescope.
  13. Olympus flexible bronchoscope (Adult and Paediatric) with light source. 3 Standard definition cameras for endoscopic evaluation.
  14. Storz surgical instruments
  15. Ventilating Bronchoscopes and oesophagoscopes
  16. Storz telescope (telebronchoscope) for visualization of primary and secondary bronchi. Storz Optical forceps for removal and demonstration of foreign bodies in the bronchus


Micro-ear surgery

  1. Myringotomy
  2. Myringotomy and grommet insertion
  3. Myringoplasty
  4. Tympanoplasty
  5. Ossiculoplasty
  6. Stapedotomy
  7. Tympanic neurectomy
  8. Cortical Mastoidectomy
  9. Modified Radical Mastoidectomy
  10. Posterior Tympanotomy
  11. Radical mastoidectomy with blind sac closure
  12. Surgery for glomus tympanicum and jugulare
  13. CSF otorrhoea repair (microscopic and endoscopic)
  14. Facial nerve decompression
  15. Treatment of complications of unsafe CSOM including intra and extra cranial abscess, labyrinthine fistula repair and others.

Endoscopic sinus surgery

  1. Limited disease
  2. Extensive disease/ Pansinusits/ Revision
  3. AFRS
  4. Mucormycosis
  5. Nasal polyposis
  6. Benign tumors of the nose
  7. Nasal and Paranasal malignancy
  8. CSF leak repairs
  9. Anterior and Middle skull base approach Optic Nerve Decompression
  10. Orbital Decompression
  11. Choanal stenosis release (cold steel and coblation assisted)
  12. Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma Endoscopic
  13. Endoscopic Dacrocystorhinostomy (DCR)


  1. Micro Laryngoscopy for benign laryngeal conditions such as vocal cord cysts, polyps Laser excision for laryngeal tumors
  2. Recurrent respiratory paplliomatosis
  3. Surgeries for tracheal stenosis.

Head and Neck

  1. Tumors of the lip, buccal mucosa, alveolus, floor of mouth, tongue, Larynx, paranasal sinuses, temporal bone
  2. Benign neck swellings including schwannomas, brachial cysts, submandibular gland, parotid gland
  3. Thyroid and parathyroid surgery.
  4. Cleft lip and cleft palate repair

Special Services:

  1. Cochlear implant programme: We have the cochlear implant programme functioning in KEM Hospital since 2007-2008 and since then we have done over 600 implants and have 100 patients in the waiting list.
  2. BAHA Programme: Children coming with external, middle and deformities with deficits in conductive hearing are counseled and hearing rehabilitation is done with BAHA.
  3. “hEAR for All” club is an initiative by our department for children born wih congenital anomaly of external ear viz. Microtia and Anotia
  4. Head and Neck surgeries: We share the heavy load of head and neck oncology cases with other cancer hospitals to help patients receive early treatment and clearance of disease.
  5. Cadaver dissection workshop for temporal bone dissection and lateral skull base
  6. Cadaver dissection workshops for Endoscopic sinus surgery and anterior skull base.
  7. Cosmetic Surgeries: We provide services for rhinoplasty for cosmetic and functional correction of nasal diseases.

OPD Timings

OPD Timings: 08.30 am- 12.30 am:
Dr Nilam Sathe unit- Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Dr Hetal Marfatia unit- Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Details of CME,conferences , programs academic events conducted by Dept of ENT

Symposiums and lectures held by

  1. Dr Hetal Marfatia. Prof and HOD
  2. Dr Milind Navalakhe. Prof
  3. Dr Nilam Sathe . Assoc Prof
  4. Dr Kamini Chavan . Asst Prof
  5. Dr Aakriti Chandra . Asst prof
  6. Daily clinics for PG Students
  7. Weekly seminars for PG students
  8. Grand rounds for PG students
  9. PGCON 2023: CME for final year post graduate students with the agenda of training them for upcoming MS and DNB final university exams.

Dr. Hetal Marfatia – Professor & HOD

  1. Anoushka Sahai, Hetal Marfatia, Ashwinikumar Gaikwad, Anushka Agarwal, Kartik Narkhede, Mruganayani Jadhav, Sanket katkar (2023) case study: Unilateral Vocal Cord Palsy during COVID-19 era: A study from a Tertiary Care Centre in India, The Egyptian Journal of Otolaryngology. ISSN :2090-8539
  2. Kartik Narkhede, Hetal Marfatia, Anoushka Sahai,Ashwinikumar Gaikwad, Juilee Kamble. Evaluation of Revision Surgery in Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (Mucosal type): Assessing Efficacy and long term effects, International Journal Of Academic  Medicine,10.47009/jamp.2023.5.4.215. eISSN: 0975-6957
  3. Sanket Katkar, Hetal Marfatia, Anoushka Sahai, Surbhi Dhuppad, Ritika Dixit. Evolving Protocols: Managing ENT Emergencies with surgical precision in the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research. Volume 15, issue 7. eISSN: 0975-1556
  4. Hetal Marfatia, Anoushka Sahai, Sanket Katkar, Ashwinikumar Gaikwad. Unraveling the Link between CD4 and HbA1c levels in Post COVID-19 Rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis: A Prospective study on Immunological and Metabolic Factors. International Journal of Academic Medicine. Volume 5, Issue 4. eISSN: 0975-6957
  5. Anoushka Sahai, Pooja Shriwastav, Kartik Narkhede, Ashwinikumar Gaikwad, Hetal Marfatia. Diphtheria Revisited: An Interesting Case Report from India. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research. 15(8);236-238. eISSN: 0975-1556
  6. Aakriti Chandra, Monankita Sharma, Hetal Marfatia, Anav Rattan, Mruganayani Jadhav, Sanket Katkar. A rare case of Rhabdomyosarcoma presenting as Gradenigo Syndrome in a child. Journal of Medical research. Volume 9, Issue 2. 2023. ISSN : 2395-7565
  7. Dhrumil Patel, Shrishail Adke, Padma Badhe, Swastika Lamture, Hetal Marfatia, Pauras Mhatre. COVID-19 associated Rhino-Orbito-Cerebral Mucormycosis: Imaging spectrum and Clinico-radiological correlation- a single Centre experience. Clinical imaging. ISSN; 0899-7071
  8. Hetal Marfatia, Swapna patil, Pankal Goyal. Congenital dacryocystocele: Our experience. American journal of otolaryngology and Head and neck surgery.  2021, 4(1);1118
  9. Sheetal Shelke, Hetal marfatia, Nilam Sathe, Asmita Madhavi. A study of structural and functional status of vocal cords with stroboscope in vocal cord pathologies. MedPulse International Journal of ENT. June 2021; 18(3):21-27
  10. Hetal Marfatia, KP Ashwathy, Asmita Madhavi, Pankaj Goyal. Challenges and operative strategy in an unusual case of giant mastoid osteoma. BMJ Case reports. 14(6):e242706
  11. Hetal Marfatia, Asmita Madhavi, Ashwathy KP, Pankaj Goyal, Dharmishtha Kaku, Arpit Sharma. Endoscopic tympanic neurectomy in the management of persistent parotid fistulae. Brazilian journal of otorhinolaryngology. 2020.09.016
  12. Hetal Marfatia, Pankaj Goyal, Asmita Madhavi, Ashwathy KP. An observational (analytical) retrospective cum prospective study of cases of endoscopic sinus surgery in the pediatric population. Otolaryngology :open Access. 2020.10.6
  13. Pankaj Goyal, Hetal marfatia, Manisha Chauhan. Life from microscopic view-Cochlea. International journal of clinical and medical images. Vol 7. issue 9.2020. ISSN: 2376-0249

Dr Nilam Sathe- Associate Professor & HOU

  1. Nilam U. Sathe , Sheetal Shelke, Ankur Pareek, .Kamini Chavan, Schwannomas of ear, nose, throat and neck – Our experience , [STD] Surgical  Techniques  Development,   ITALY, vol.9, 2019,7550(1-6)
  2.  Dr.Nilam U. Sathe , Dr. Bhavna Narang , Dr. Swapna Patil, Dr. Pravin Misal, Rhinoplasty by Open or closed approach– Our Experience, IP Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Allied Science, January-March, 2019; 2(1): 16-21 18
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Dr Kamini Chavan (Asst prof)

  1. Dr. Tarun Shetty and Dr. Kamini Chavan ‘LARGE LINGUAL LIPOMA (YELLOW EPULIS): A CASE REPORT.’Asian Journal of Science and Technology. Vol. 13, Issue, 12, pp.12303-12305, December, 2022.
  2. Dr. Tarun Shetty and Dr KaminiChavan. “Laparoscopic right hemicolectomy for rare case of cecal duplication cyst manifested as intussusception in an adult: a case report” International surgery journal  Vol 9, Issue 9, page 1656-1658

Fellowship programme in Otology , FESS and Laryngology.

Invited international Speaker Dr Naishadh Patil for T-O Shah Oration, April 2019
Jointly organized 13th Phonosurgery workshop Live and Cadaveric dissection workshop with Bombay hospital in May 2019
Jointly organized 18th Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Workshop in association with Bombay hospital in December 2022.
Organized Temporal bone workshop in the Department of Anatomy in August 2022 with 4 MMC Points.
Organized FESS Cadaveric dissection in October 2022 & March,  May, September 2023 at ROTTO-SOTTO, KEM Hospital with designated MMC points.
Organized Cochlear implant cadaveric dissection in 2023 at ROTTO-SOTTO, KEM Hospital.
Guest Lecture on “Managing Sleep Health Care with limited resources “ by Dr Sumit Samant from NewZealand  on 15th Nov 22.
Guest lecture on “Learning laryngotracheal airway surgeries- How naysayers and rejections can help you” by Dr Kishore Sandhu ( Switzerland) on 23rd march 2023.
Guest lecture on “ Pearls of Wisdom- experience sharing for management and diagnosis of vertigo” by Prof.Michael Strupp (Munich) on 20th July 2023.

Achievements and awards by Students or faculty

  1. Dr Hetal Marfatia (Prof & HOD)
  2. Invited as a panelist for a panel on “complications in tympanoplasty” and “Complications in CI & Baha” during Complicon 2022, at Jodhpur by AIIMS Sept,22.
  3. Invited to give a guest lecture on “ Tips and Tricks in pediatric ENT diseases” organized by AOI Solapur , October  22
  4. Invited to deliver Dr Ashok Gupta oration on CSF RHINORRHEA at RHINOCON 2022, Delhi 8th & 9thOctober 2022.
  5. Invited as a panelist for a panel on “Real Life challenges in Cochlear Implant surgery ” during 19th Annual National Conferences of the Cochlear Implant Group Of India ,CIGICON 2022, Delhi, Nov 22
  6. Invited to give a guest lecture on “Improving results in Cochlear Implant” and “CSF Rhinorrhoea”  during 8th Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Otorhinolaryngology Head and neck Surgery IAOHNS 2022  , Nagpur, November 2022
  7. Invited to demonstrate live surgery during KPCON organized by ENT Department, Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital, Kandivali , Mumbai, November 2022
  8. Invited as Mentor & guide for Cochlear Implant program at BARC Hospital, on 11th Nov 22.
  9. Invited to moderate Panel on ‘Candidacy for CI” and guest lecture on “CSF rhinorrhoea in CI “ during MENTCON 2022 organized by Federation of Maharashtra State Branches of AOI Ahmednagar Branch at Shirdi, Dec 22.
  10. Invited as an expert Panelist during Academic Rendezvous organized by AOI Mumbai on 11 th Dec 22 .
  1. Dr Milind Navalakhe
  2. Course Director for “The Certificate courses in Sialendoscopy” held on  18th February, 22 at IMMAST, Worli
  3. Course Director for “The Certificate courses in Sialendoscopy” held on 22nd April, 22 at IMMAST, Worli
  4. Course Director for “The Certificate courses in Sialendoscopy” held on 15th July, 22 at IMMAST, Worli
  5. Course Director for “The Certificate courses in Sialendoscopy” held on 7th October, 22 at IMMAST, Worli
  1. Dr Nilam Sathe (Asso Prof)

-Wrote and published ENT Textbook as a sole author- Exam Preparatory manual for undergraduates Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
- Invited Faculty for medical camp organized by vishwashakti lokkalyan sanstha at Malad , Mumbai on 10-04-2022
Invited speaker on webinar on ” Allergic Rhinitis versus Common Cold ” on 26th September 2022
- Invited Faculty as panelist on Thyroid cancers and delivered talk on post head & neck cancer rehabilitation in Maharashtra State ENT conference MENTCON2019 at Hotel St.Laurn,Shirdi,Ahmednagar from 2nd December to 4th December2022.

  1. Dr Kamini Chavan (Asst Prof)
  2. 2nd prize, Thane branch silver jubilee consultant award paper- MENTCON 2019
  3. Geeta Rao Memorial prize 2019
  1. Dr Anoushka Sahai (SR)
  2. Gold Medal in MUHS Summer 2022 MS ENT PG exams
  3. Best Orator at the National level of  Torrent Young Scholar Award and 2nd Prize in Zonal level 2022.
  4. 3rd Prize in Poster Presentation at Shravya International Otology Workshop, held at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai June 2022.
  5. 3rd prize in paper presentation at IAOHNS, Jammu August 2023.
  6. Paper selected in top 30 from all over the world for Stammberger Resident Research paper Competition at 18th Annual Middle East Academy of Otorhinolaryngology held in Dubai 2023.
  1. Dr Kartik Narkhede (SR)
  2. Torrent young scholar award- zonal level 2022
  1. Dr Saad Ahmed (SR)
  2. Awarded the Best Paper in the International Heinz Stammberger Resident’s Research Competition at the Middle East Academy of Otolaryngology and Head-Neck Surgery, held at Dubai, May 2023
  3. Awarded the M.V Kirtane Excellence Award for the Best Resident in June, 2023 at KEM Hospital, Mumbai 
  4. Awarded the Dr. Sandra Nisha D’souza PG Award for the Best Paper at the 73rd Annual Conference of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India, held at Ranchi, Jharkhand in January, 2022.
  5. Awarded the GOSUMEC Foundation, USA Research/Innovation Scholarship for 3rd year PG Students Presentation, June, 2022.
  6. Represented Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital at Torrent Young Scholar Award in ENT (TYSA-ENT) at the Zonal Round and bagged the Third Prize.
  1. Dr Monankita Sharma (SR)
  2. Gold Medal in MUHS Summer 2023 MS ENT PG exams
  1. Dr Anav Rattan (JR3) and Dr Prateek Mohapatra (JR2)
  2. 2nd prize in Quiz competition at ISOCON 2022, Bhubaneswar

Teaching schedule

  1. Thrice weekly lectures for UG students Daily clinics for UG students
  2. Daily Bedside clinics for PG students Intraoperative teaching of PG students Weekly seminars for PG students
  3. End post, terminal and prelim exams for UG students Term exams for PG students.

Short term courses conducted by department

  1. MUHS 1 year Fellowship programme in Otology, FESS and Laryngology.

  1. 5 residents per year for three years residency in the department of ENT.
  2. Weekly clinics are arranged for students.
  3. PG activity is organized from Monday to Friday for discussion of difficult cases
  4. Faculty takes a keen interest in every student Bed side clinics by senior faculty
  5. Grand rounds by faculty weekly.


  1. 3-4 Observers throughout the year for various otologic, endoscopic nasal, laryngeal and head and neck surgeries.

Contact Details

Dr. Hetal Marfatia
Professor and Head of Department

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