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Research Society

Office bearers

  • Hon. President: Dr. Sangeeta Ravat Dean Seth GSMC & KEMH
  • Hon. Vice President: Dr. N. Sawant
  • Hon. General Secretaries: Dr. B. Mhatre & Dr. H. Nandgaonkar
  • Hon. Treasurer: Dr. K. Joshi
  • Executive Committee members: Dr. S. Ravat, Dr. S. Bhide, Dr. S. Kanade, Dr. R. Pandey, Dr. A. Agrawal, Dr. S. Rane & Dr. S. Umbarkar

Aims & Objectives: The aims and objects of the society are:

  • To promote medical research in all its branches including industrial diseases accidents
  • To finance research inquiries
  • To endow research Fellowships
  • To give grants for research
  • To further the growth of research work in medicine and allied subjects
  • To do all things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.


  • Research grant for 8 research projects twice a year upto Rs. 75000/- undertaken by the faculty and are

the members of the Research Society.

  • All research proposals are sent to the evaluators (KEMH & other colleges) for evaluation twice in a year. Evaluation fee of Rs.500 is given to the evaluator
  • Institutional activities and functions – Organizing “ORACON” every year – August & December and contributing to the expenses of all the “ORACON” held.
  • Financial support to the following Institutional activities:

Educational/ CME program – student’s conference “Confluence”

Departmental CME

Website of remotex software

Printing of annual report of institute

Photo Gallery

Visit on 29 May 23 by Professor Joseph Muenzer, Pediatric Geneticist , University of North Carolina

Workshop on “Principles of Scientific Writing” 12, 13 October 2017, conducted for Pfizer Ltd

Mr Ashnik Chauhan at the DIA meeting in Chicago in June 2017

90 years of Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, January 2016