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Department of Urology came into existence in 1978 when urology was separated from general surgery. Dr. D.S. Pardanani became the first full time professor and head of recognized urology in 1980. Department had grown by leaps and bounds in the following years with many technological advances and firsts to its credit.
It was chosen as the zonal center of excellence (COE) for microsurgical recanalization project in collaboration with UNFPA & AVSC. The first open operative workshop in urology with live demonstration of operative procedures in India was conducted in the KEM hospital in 1981. It was the first teaching department to start PCNL in India and conducted a live workshop on the same in May 1985. Since its inception, we have performed vast number of endourological, minimally invasive, oncosurgical, reconstructive as well as live and cadaver renal transplants which are among the highest in the state. It was a first public hospital in Maharashtra to have performed a pediatric swap transplant couple of years ago.  We were the only second public hospital in India to have started state of art cadaver lab to train young urologists in basic and advanced surgeries a year ago and have since conducted 5-6 workshops till date. A state of art seminar hall with latest projection and audio systems for academic activities was recently inaugurated couple of weeks ago. We have advanced holmium laser machine, Dornier’s ESWL machine as well as 3D laparoscopic system providing the most advanced treatment to patients from all strata of society at a nominal rate. We aim to organize a workshop to train urologists in laparoscopic surgeries in cadaver in near future. Discussions are also ongoing for procurement of robotic system which will be of great use especially in onco-urosurgical cases.


Dr. Sujata Patwardhan

Professor and HOD, MBBS, MS, MCH Urology


Teaching Experience – 28 yrs

Dr Ajay S Kanbur: MS, MCh Urology

Associate professor (on contract basis):

Special Competence in Andrology

Dr.Bhushan P Patil: MS, MCh Urology

Assistant professor :

Specialist in Endo-urology, Uro-oncology and Andrology

Dr Umesh R Shelke: MS, MCh Urology


Specialist in Reconstructive urology, Uro-oncology and Endo-urology

Dr Siddharth L Kini: MS, MCh Urology

Super-speciality medical officer

Specialist in Endo-urology, Uro-oncology and Andrology

  1. Two fully equipped modular operation theatres, one Endourology specific OT and minor OT.
  2. A separate room with UDS and Uroflowmetry machines.
  3. A Dornier ESWL machine in a separate enclosure.
  4. 3D laparoscopic imaging system by Olympus.
  5. Holmium 35W laser machine, Flexible ureteroscopes for RIRS, 3 CARM machines, and all kinds of endourological telescopes and accessories.
  6. We have 32 bedded ward , out of which 8 beds are in  a separate air conditioned enclosure.
  7. A recently renovated state of art seminar hall with latest projection and audio system for academic activities.
  8. A dedicated cadaver lab for hands on training of young urologists and residents
  9. Library with books pertaining to each and every topics in Urology.

OPD Timings:
Endourology/Stone OPD – Every Wednesday – 1.30pm onwards
General Urology OPD – Every Saturday – 8.30am onwards
(OPD no. 13, 1st floor, New building) 

ESWL Machine

3D Laparoscopic

Ultrasonography Machine with Trus Biopsy

Karl Zeiss microscope

New C-Arm Machine

New C-Arm (Allengers HF-49)

Litho EVO 35 Watt, Holmium Laser Machine

Feedback - We have a system wherein all admitted patients can submit a feedback form; mentioning their views regarding quality of care received, difficulties faced during admission and appointment procedures, quality of stay and suggestions regarding efforts that can be taken to mitigate these problem. Collection and maintenance of these records are entrusted to our residents.
Education – We take keen interest in educating patients regarding the cause and nature of their diseases, measures to be taken to prevent progression or recurrence and how to improve over all well being by lifestyle modifications, diet, exercise, etc. We usually see our operated patients in our department on follow up where we discuss and educate them regarding above mentioned things.

Courses offered – Mch in Urology ( A 3year residency training program in Urology, recognized by MCI/NMC and affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik) – 4 seats  per year

We have online case discussion and teaching session every Wednesday morning in association with prominent DNB institutions from South India.
We conduct departmental audit every fortnightly presented by residents wherein all the surgeries performed, their complications, complex case scenarios are discussed and analyzed.
We have monthly Mumbai Urological Society meeting wherein residents participate in case presentation and discussion.
Our residents participate in national as well as zonal urology conferences and present their research works every year.


  1. Cadaver workshop for training young urologists in basic and advanced surgeries - 

 are held in every 3months.

  1. RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery) workshop – was held in dec 2021
  2. Female and Functional Urology workshop – June 2022
  3. Supine PCNL workshop -  August 2022

Dr. Sujata Patwardhan (Prof and HOD) – received a gold medal in Urology in West zone urology conference (WZUSICON) in September 2022.
Dr. Kamlesh Singh – Gold medal in final exit exam conducted by MUHS, Nashik – July 2022.
Dr. Gaurav Malvi – received Chitale domestic travelling fellowship at WZUSICON, Sept 2022 and USI international travelling fellowship, Nov 2022
Dr. Nirmit Agarwal – 1st prize in quiz at USI Urolithiasis national conference – MAY 2023

  1. Spontaneous Rupture of Urinary Bladder with Vesicocutaneous Fistula in a HIV

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2. Spontaneous rupture of pyonephrosis presenting as anterior abdominal wall abscess: a rare case reportAfrican journal of urology Kamlesh Hawaldar Singh, Ankit Shailesh Vyas, Tarun Rochlani, Sujata Kiran Patwardhan

              3. Unique case of colovesical fistula in a renal allograft recipient
Supradeep Narayanaswamy , Rajvi Goradia , Sachin Bhujbal , Sujata Patwardhan 
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    4. Isolated renal mucormycosis masquerading as emphysematous pyelonephritis
Supradeep Narayanaswamy 1, Rajvi Goradia 2, Amit Bellurkar 2, Sujata Patwardhan 2
BMJ Case Rep. 2023 Mar 17;16(3):e254501. doi: 10.1136/bcr-2022-254501.

5.ORIGINAL ARTICLE -  Nephrectomy – A study of recent trends in a high-volume tertiary care center, exploring the need for screening and preventive strategies Accepted for publication in AJMS journal  - Feb issue  DOI: 10.3126/ajms.v13i2.40434E-ISSN: 2091-0576 P-ISSN: 2467-9100

6. Blindness paving the path to the diagnosis of metastatic prostate carcinoma: A unique case presentation-journal of clinical urology.Aadhar Jain, Sujata Patwardhan



7 Impact of surgical intervention on progression to end-stage renal disease in patients with posterior urethral valve Journal African journal of urology
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  1. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on non-COVID patient’s management in urology: a public hospital experience in Mumbai Nikhilesh A. Jibhakate1*, Sujata K. Patwardhan1 , Ajit S. Sawant2 , Hemant R. Pathak3 , Bhushan P. Patil1 and Hitesh Kamal1.

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  1. Study of natural history, clinical presentation, modes of management and role of tacrolimus in stricture urethra with BXO
  2. Study of radiation cystitis in Indian population
  3. Renal transplant pre and post op evaluation
  4. Study of mt DNA mutations in bladder cancer
  5. To evaluate Osteopontin as predictor of stone formation by its quantification in the urine of healthy volunteer and stone forming patient
  6. In vitro and in vivo functions of cell surface estrogen receptors in prostate cancer
  7. Mutations in ca bladder - a retrospective pilot study
  8. PSP94 as an adjunct marker for serum PSA
  9. Prevalence of LUTS and PVR in ambulatory relatives aged 45 years and above visiting hospital
  10. To speculate nomograms of pediatric UFR
  11. Dr Sujata Patwardhan as Chief coordinator in Collaborative study conducted by USI – national Audit for surgical management of BEP
  12. Dr Supradeep N. - Predictive factors for persistence of LUTS in patients of benign prostatic hyperplasis after TURP – A prospective analytical study
  13. Dr Gaurav Kumar Malvi- Randomized control trial in metastatic carcinoma     prostate with acute urinary retention with immediate versus delayed channel TURP in patients undergoing androgen blockade.
  14. Dr Soumya Nayak–  To study the effects of autologous platelet rich plasma in patients undergoing visual internal urethotomy in stricture urethra-  randomized control trial
  15. Dr Nirmit Agrawal – A prospective comparative study of miniperc  and standard PCNL for treatment of 1-2 cm size real and ureteric stone
  16. Dr Vivek Chaudhari- To study the effects of perioperative factors in laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy on the renal functional outcomes in recipient in live donor renal transplantation
  17. Dr Priya Gupta- Hospital based cross sectional study of incidence, prevalence and management of female sexual dysfunction in patients with urological diseases.
Dr Jaymin Jaysinghani- Systematic audit of renal stone diseases and chronic kidney diseases

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