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Cardiovascular & Thoracic Anaesthesia

Background History

Cardiac anesthesia has evolved from its primitive stage to achieve it’s highly advanced current state and has been recently recognized as a super-specialty anesthesia branch in India despite its existence since last few decades. It is not only restricted to  open  heart  surgeries  but  it  also caters  to  all  patients  with  diseased  cardiovascular  system  who  needs  special  care  with  advanced monitoring in  the  perioperative period.
Cardiac anesthesia came into existence as a sub speciality of anaesthesia when Dr P.K.Sen in 1958 established department of Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery (CVTS) at this institute. Dr Meena Bhatt  and  Dr  AJ Dhruva  successfully administered  anesthesia  during the first heart transplant in Asia in 1968.
However, during all these years of development, increasing need was felt to develop cardiac anaesthesiology as a super specialty branch with highly trained, technically sound, skillful and knowledgeable cardiac anesthesiologists. So, initially a one year fellowship program was started in 2010 with Dr Manjula Sarkar and Dr Sanjeeta Umbarkar as faculty which was soon followed by DM course in 2013. It is the first Medical council recognized super specialty DM Cardiac Anesthesia course in MUHS and Maharashtra. The department now provides services not only for cardiac surgical patients but for cardiology patients undergoing various complex percutaneous procedures like TAVI, BMV, device closures, TPVR, TMVR and Electrophysiological procedures along with routine angioplasties. Recently the department has started catering services to advanced pulmonary interventions as well.



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  • Teaching experience of more than 25 years.
  • FTEE, FICA, ECMO board certification
  • National – EC member of IACTA
  • FIACTA teacher
  • National faculty for Cardiac Anaesthesia
  • Former Sectretary And Asso. VP– ACTA Mumbai.
  • Co-org sec- IACTACON 2020.
  • EC member – Research Society, Staff Society, SGMC Mumbai.
  • Editorial board member – Research & innovations in Anaesthesia.
  • National & International publications – more than 25.




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  • Recipient of Shyamsundar Sarkar Gold Medal , MUHS , Nashik , 2021 for DM Cardiac Anaesthesia.
  • Kabeer Award For FIACTA 2021( Gold Medal)
  • National & International publications – more than 8.





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  • Recipient of Shyamsundar Sarkar Gold Medal , MUHS , Nashik , 2022 for DM Cardiac Anaesthesia.
  • Kabeer Award For FIACTA 2022( Gold Medal)
  • National & International publications – more than 9.







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  • DM Cardiac Anaesthesia
  • National & International publications – more than 2.

Visiting Faculty:


  • Dr Deepak Tempe

National Academy of Medical Sciences (India)
(Under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India) - Emeritus Professor, visits our department to guide research activities as well as to mentor students.


  • Dr Vijay Shetty, Head of Department of General Anaesthesia and Cardiac Anaesthesia at Fortis hospital in Mulund is a visiting faculty in our department for heart transplantation programme.


Serial No.




Dr. Parimal Pimpalkhute

DM Cardiac Anaesthesia– 3rd Year


Dr. Pooja Pimpalkhute

DM Cardiac Anaesthesia– 3rd Year


Dr. Prerana Dixit

DM Cardiac Anaesthesia– 2nd Year


Dr. Pranav Prabhakaran

DM Cardiac Anaesthesia– 2nd Year


Dr. S K Asim Ali

DM Cardiac Anaesthesia– 1st Year


Dr. Jalaram Harshappan

DM Cardiac Anaesthesia – 1st Year


Dr. Sandeep More

Cardiac Anaesthesia Fellow


Dr Riya Shah

Cardiac Anaesthesia Fellow


Dr. Ashima Gupta

Senior Resident

Services Offered:

  • Perioperative care of patients undergoing cardiac surgeries as well as care of patients undergoing procedures in Catheter Lab.
  • Perioperative care of patients undergoing complex pulmonary interventional procedures.
  • Perioperative care of patients undergoing Cardiac CT.
  • Pre Anaesthesia Checkup for assessing and optimizing the status of patients posted for above mentioned procedures.
  • Conducting routine academic sessions related to cardiovascular and thoracic training of Super specialty, PG, UG and Para clinical students. 
  • Research Work and adoption of standard protocols for better patient outcomes.
  • The department is now involved in setting up the 1st cardiac transplantation programme in a MUHS affliated government hospital in Maharashtra.

Patient feedback:
Patients can communicate to our team directly or through departmental
email :

Patient education:
Detailed pre-anaesthesia evaluation of all patients posted for elective procedures are done at their bedside and patients are educated in detail about the anaesthesia procedure they are about to undergo and counselled for the same and written informed consent taken prior to the procedure.

  • Patients are also explained in detail about the peri operative instructions and other queries are cleared.  

Courses Offered:

  • DM Cardiac Anaesthesia – 2 seats per year (affiliated with MUHS, Nashik and NMC Recognized)
  • Fellowship in Cardiac Anaesthesia – 2 seats per year (affiliated with MUHS, Nashik)
  • Senior Resident posts for Anaesthesia post graduates for honing their skills in perioperative management of high risk patients.
  • Students pursuing MD and DNB Anaesthesia from various teaching hospitals are offered Observerships.

Student Activities:
Active participation by students in academic conferences, workshops, paper presentations, research and publications.

We also encourage active participation of our students in extracurricular activities like sports and arts.

Teaching Schedule/Academic Calendar:
Academic sessions are conducted twice a week.
Wednesday -    Short topic discussion/ Case discussions
Saturday     -     Seminar presentation.


The department actively conducts various workshops and CMEs every year.

CMEs conducted in 2022:

  • “ Update on Paediatric Cardiac Anaesthesia” on 30 April 2022.
  • “Core topics in Cardiac Anaesthesia: The Heart of the Matter” on 1 and 2 October 2022
  • “Virtual Scientific Event- Interdisciplinary approach towards Pulmonary Interventional procedures” on 23rd April 2022

CMEs conducted in 2023:

  • WORKSHOP on  “Point of Care in Cardiac Patients” on 13 April 2023
  • Workshop on “ACLS and Invasive Hemodynamic monitoring Techniques” on August 2023.

Awards and Honours:

Some of the recent awards received by our faculty and students include:

  • FICA(Fellowship of Indian College of Anaesthesiologists) awarded to Dr Sanjeeta Umbarkar.
  • Kabeer Award - Dr Jitendra Ramteke (For 1st position in FIACTA exam conducted by ICCA in 2022)
  • Dr Ramprasad Chavan has received the FIACTA fellowship in September 2022.
  • Dr Aseem Gargava secured Rank 1 in DNB Cardiac Anaesthesia exam conducted by NBE, New Delhi.
  • Recipients of Shyam Sundar Sarkar Gold Medal (For 1st position in DM Cardiac Anaesthesia) from MUHS university include:
  •  Dr Pushkar Desai- 2016
  • Dr Vishal Prabhu in 2018
  • Dr Amruta Shringarpure in 2019
  • Dr Surendar Saba and Dr Aseem Gargava in 2020
  • Dr Renu Upadhyay in 2021
  • Dr Jitendra Ramteke in 2022




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  • During COVID 19 Pandemic, faculty and residents of the Department had served as COVID Warriors in various Intensive Care Units in KEM Hospital as well as various other  COVID centers all over Mumbai.
  • Our faculty and residents routinely conducts programs for BLS and COLS training in various housing societies in Mumbai.

Photo Gallery

Location in campus

The department is located on the ground floor of the CVTC building of KEM Hospital.
Residents and faculty provide their services in the following locations:

  • CVTS Operation theatres  – 2nd floor CVTC building
  • Bronchoscopy room  –3rd floor CVTC building
  • Catheter Laboratory –  4th  floor CVTC building

Contact Us

  • Department telephone:     91-22-24107000
  • Admin Office: Extn. 7429
  • Head of Department:       Extn. 7429, 7207
  • Email: