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Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Background History

It is remarkable that cardiac surgery started in our institution only a few years after it started making its impact in the Western World. the foundations of the Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery department were firmly laid by late Dr. P. K. Sen. He started with closed heart surgeries but was soon closing atrial septal defects using hypothermia and inflow occlusion techniques (1957) before doing so on extra corporeal circulation in March, 1962. Once the heart lung machine became available, other open heart operations like open commissurotomies, valve replacements and repairs of congenital heart defects became routine.

It speaks volumes for Dr. Sen’s quest to be in the forefront that the world’s 5th and 6th heart transplants have been recorded at the K.E.M. Hospital in 1968. But Dr. Sen’s contributions were richly rewarded when he was awarded the Padmabhushan in 1969. He was the recepient of the Dr. B. C. Roy oration and the Neelratan Sarkar oration in the same year. He was well ahead of his time when we notice that transmyocardial laser revascularisation of the nineties is only an extension of his myocardial acupuncture for the treatment of ischaemic heart disease, based on his original research on snake heart principles. And so our Department is named after him as a mark of honour.

Dr. T. P. Kulkarni joined Dr. Sen as Asst. Professor in 1959 and helped him in the various department activities. Dr. Kulkarni was awarded the Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship and trained for two years under Dr. Michael E. Debakey, the pioneering surgeon, who is well known for his contribution to surgery for aneurysms of the thoracic and abdominal aorta. Dr. T. P. Kulkarni on his return contributed further to the development of all vascular surgery.

The department grew rapidly from there on with several energetic, dedicated and eminent surgeons like Dr. G. B. Parulkar, Dr. SharadPandey, Dr. A. P. Chaukar and Dr. S. S. Bhattacharya.

Dr. G. B. Parulkar took on from where Dr. Sen left, brought the CVTS department on the international field. Dr. Parulkar had been an Evarts Graham Fellow and had cultivated life long friendship with who is who of the Cardiovascularspeciality of the world. He was bestowed with Padmabhushan in 1998 and he was the recepient of the Dr. B. C. Roy award for the most eminent medical man of the year 1997.Dr. Parulkar retired as Dean and Professor-Director of Surgery in 1989 Dr. S. S. Bhattacharya started the Coronary Artery Bypass surgery after training with Dr. Dudley Johnson in Milwaukee and left the institutions in 1982-83 to become an institution by him in myocardial revascularization.

The CVTS department has been acknowledged as one of the ten best heart hospitals in the country in Today-Plus (1996) and the department was again recognized as the best training programme for M.Ch students in India Today opinion poll (1998).

While we are proud to have this coveted place of honour, it is the hard work and dedication of our predecessors that has gone into making of this department. The period from 1975 till date has seen a phenomenal increase in work output. Unlike many other teaching institutions, the department has significant load of Thoracic and Vascular cases making the training programme very comprehensive. The surgical excellence of the department attracted patients from rest of Maharashtra as also from all over the country and a few from neighbouring countries. A unique event of Heart Valve Mela was organized in 1997 to bring together patients operated for Heart Valve Replacement over the years and we are happy that several other centers in the country followed suit.

In the field of education, the department not only trains the postgraduate students to become Cardio-Vascular and Thoracic Surgeons but also trains science graduates in Extra-corporeal Technology, by running a one year course in the department beginning since 1985 and is national center of IACTS since 1991. A large number of students have been trained by the department and quite a number have secured the first rank at the University examination. Over a dozen former students of the department are now heading services all over the country.

We are conscious of the escalating costs of cardiac surgery in view of rapidly changing technology. However, the mission of the department will always remain to make accessible quality care to the most deserving at an affordable cost.Thus operating around 800-1000 cases per year, at a very low and affordable cost.

Our department is specialized in surgeries of all the complex congenital heart defects, valvular, coronary CABG especially off pump i.e beating heart surgery, and all vascular cases.

Sections Units Branches

  • UNITS- we have two units
  • UNIT I. DR N B AGRAWAL, Prof and Head Dept.
  • UNIT II. DR D V KULKARNI, Adl Prof and unit chief


Professors: Dr. A.M. Patwardhan*
Dr. N.B. Agrawal*
Associate Professors: Dr. D.V. Kulkarni*
Dr. Prashant Mishra
Assistant Professor: Dr. Rohit Shahapurkar

(* Recognised University Teachers)

Name E-mail Intercom no Landline No Mobile No
Dr.N.B.Agrawal,Professor 7005 03639234 9920097908
Dr.D.V.Kulkarni,Assoc. Professor 7632 24102333 9820451097
Dr.Prashant Mishra,Assoc. Professor 7745 24138011 9833989560
Dr.Kamlesh Jain,Assoc. Professor 7207 23007104 9930320503
Dr. Rohit Shahapurkar,Asst. Professor 7207 9322258723
Dr. Balaji Aironi, Asst. Professor 7207 25570021 8879367226
Mr.M.S.SomanC.C.T —- 7429 9820275219
Mr.Mahesh Solanki,(R.A) —– 7429 8291868220
Ms. R. R. Adsul,Sr. Lab Technician 7207 9892245245
Mr.S.B.Kale,Lab Technician 7207 9820577080
Mr. S. P. Memane,Lab Technician 7207 9869056626
Mr. A. S. Saruk,Lab Technician 7207 9869366542
Mrs. Vaishali Mete,Lab Technician 7207 9222105804


1) Dr.Bharat Soni
2) Dr.Nitin Gundre
3) Dr.Swarup Pal
4) Dr.Soumen Paul
5) Dr. Pranav Mali
6) Sayajirao Sargar
7) Dr.Supreet Marahe
8) Dr.Gauri Datar
9) Dr.V.Nagesh R
10) Nilesh Purkar
11) Dr.Nilesh Purkar
12) Dr.Shikha Gupta

Facilities, Equipments & Special services

Bed Strength :
  • 53 bedded (41 in ward + 12 ICU )
Out Patient Department (OPD) :
  • The department conducts in own OPD, four times a week.
  • 3700 new and 5000 follow-up patients are evaluated every year.
Operation Facilities :
  • The department performs routine operations 5 days/week and every day 8am to 4pm through three fully equipped operating rooms.
  • The department has round the clock emergency operation (including open heart) facilities.
Social Camps :
  • The departmental members conduct diagnostic and follow up camps, some for last 16 years, at four places in rural India.
Operative Backup :


  • CABGs 200/yr (including ‘offpump’ CABGs)
  • Valve Surgeries 300/yr Open heart, 250/yr closed heart (valvotomies)
  • The center does a large number of redo (previous closed or open) operationsover 30% of cases are in NYHA class IV.
  • Congenital Heart Surgeries 250/yr Open Heart, 200/yr closed heart.
  • Majority of cases are congenital heart diseases in adults, though 4-6kg body weight children are routinely operated for VSDs, Senning’s/Fontan operation.


  • Vascular operations 50/yr (under GA) 100/yr (under LA).
  • These include a variety of bypasses and aneurysmoplasties. About a dozen arch aneurysms are operated every year, under circulatory arrest


  • Thoracic operations include about 50 lung resections a year, excision of Mediastinal mass (including thymectomy)


  • Being Public institution, the center handles a number of chest and vascular trauma cases (50/yr).


  • The department also collaborates with the Departments of Cardiology and Radiology and supports the Inerventional Cardiology Procedures and Vascular Interventional Procedures.

For Students

The department offers the M.Ch Course of three years duration in Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery under the aegis of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nashik. We have an intake of 4 students from this year. KEM Hospital is very often the first choice of PG students at the time of registration and this reflects the quantum and quality of training in the department. The residents go through a rigorous training programme aimed at attaining basic clinical and surgical skills. The residents rotate through other disciplines like Cardiology, Chest medicine, Vascular Interventional Radiology and Surgical Oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital. The department has an active teaching programme in the form of clinical presentations, journals club, diagnostic catheterization conferences and mortality meeting.The department also runs one year certificate course in the Extra Corporeal Perfusion Technology. The intake is of three students every year. The department also runs the lecture seriesand practical for BPMT course from MUHS. The department also given six months observation and training to the students recommended by the Bakkenn Institute.In addition, lectures are taken for Undergraduates, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy students, Nurses and others. The postgraduate students in Nursing from SNDT Women’s University spend a period of 3 months for practical training and research studies.

Ongoing projects

a) Safety and Efficacy of Intracoronary and Intramyocardial delivery of autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells in patients with triple vessel coronary artery disease and left ventricular dysfunction undergoing surgical revascularization.b) Randomized study to assess efficacy of three different ablative procedures to treat atrial fibrillation in patients with valvular heart disease.c) Research project submitted to DBT – Development of an experimental model employing vascular endothelial cells for its potential use in Tissue Engineered conduits.”


  • Recurrent multicentricsyndromicmyxoma. Under process for IHJ.
  • Giant mediastinal cyst with displaced mediastinum that turned out to be bronchogenic cyst. Under process IJCVTS.

Annual Report

Photo Gallery

Visit on 29 May 23 by Professor Joseph Muenzer, Pediatric Geneticist , University of North Carolina

Workshop on “Principles of Scientific Writing” 12, 13 October 2017, conducted for Pfizer Ltd

Mr Ashnik Chauhan at the DIA meeting in Chicago in June 2017

90 years of Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, January 2016