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General Surgery

Background History

This department is a large teaching department in the country both in terms of clinical services provided and the surgery training program. The department examines over 100,000 patients each year. It performs about 6000 major and 12000 minor operations every year. A variety of diagnostic and interventional surgical, laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures are performed. The department has a very active teaching schedule for residents besides conducting refresher courses; it also provides opportunity for observership for those from other departments and elsewhere in the state and country.

Sections Units Branches

The faculty members of this department unit wise is as below

Monday (Morning)
  • Professor and Head of Department –Dr. Varsha Kulkarni
  • Associate Professor (Additional) – Dr. Mahadeo Garale
  • Assistant Professor –Dr. Mandar Koranne

OPD – Monday ( 0830 to 1200 hrs)

  • Emergency Day – Monday (Alternate Week)
  • Main Operation Days – Wednesday and Friday
  • Minor Operation Day – Thursday (Alternate week)
  • Professor and Head of Unit – Dr. Aparna Deshpande
  • Associate Professor – Dr. Bhushan Thakur
  • Assistant Professor – Dr. Sanjay Mohan

OPD – Tuesday ( 0830 to 1200 hrs)

  • Emergency Day – Tuesday
  • Main Operation Days – Thursday and Saturday
  • Minor Operation Day – Friday
  • Professor and Head of Unit – Dr. Shilpa Rao
  • Associate Professor – Dr. Ramlal Prajapati
  • Assistant Professor –Dr. Sridhar Suresh

OPD – Wednesday ( 0830 to 1200 hrs)

  • Emergency Day – Wednesday
  • Main Operation Days – Monday and Friday
  • Minor Operation Day – Saturday
  • Professor and Head of Unit – Dr. Sameer Rege
  • Associate Professor – Dr. Pravin Shinde
  • Assistant Professor – Dr. Vivek Salvi

OPD – Thursday ( 0830 to 1200 hrs)

  • Emergency Day – Thursday
  • Main Operation Days –Tuesday and Saturday
  • Minor Operation Day – Monday
  • Associate Professor and Head of Unit – Dr. Jignesh Gandhi
  • Assistant Professor – Dr. Yogesh Takalkar

OPD – Friday ( 0830 to 1200 hrs)

  • Emergency Day – Friday
  • Main Operation Days – Wednesday and Monday
  • Minor Operation Day – Tuesday
Saturday (Morning)
  • Professor and Head of Unit – Dr. Rajiv Karvande
  • Assistant Professor- Dr. Sadashiv Chaudhari

OPD – Saturday ( 0830 to 1200 hrs)

  • Emergency Day – Saturday (Alternate week)
  • Main Operation Days – Tuesday and Thursday
  • Minor Operation Day – Wednesday (Alternate week)
Monday (Afternoon)
  • Associate Professor and Head of Unit – Dr. Samir Deolekar
  • Assistant Professor – Dr. Monty Khajanchi

OPD – Monday ( 1330 to 1600 hrs)

  • Emergency Day – Monday (Alternate week)
  • Main Operation Days – Tuesday Thursday and Saturday
  • Minor Operation Day – Thursday (Alternate week)
Saturday (Afternoon)
  • Associate Professor and Head of Unit – Dr. Suchin Dhamnaskar
  • Assistant Professor – Dr. Suyog Shetye

OPD – Saturday (13 30 to 1600 hrs)

  • Emergency Day – Saturday (Alternate week)
  • Main Operation Days – Monday Wednesday and Friday
  • Minor Operation Day – Wednesday (Alternate week)


The department provides training for the following courses:
MS General surgery (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik) Recognised by MCI. It is a 3 year course & 12 candidates /year are registered. Candidates are provided with residential quarters and are also assured residency postings for 3 years. Fourth year residency posts are advertised and applications are available at Hospital office, K E M Hospital, Parel, Mumbai 12 in month of Jan and July.
Post graduate students from other recognised hospitals are also allowed to work with prior permission.

  • Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery (eg oesophageal replacement, cancer esophagus surgery etc)
  • Liver Pancreas Biliary Surgery (eg liver resection, Whipple’s etc)
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Breast Surgery
  • Endocrine Surgery
  • Diabetic Foot Services
  • Minimal Access Surgery (Basic Lap appendectomy, Lap. Cholecystectomy etc & Advance Lap. Colectomy, Lap. Adrenalectomy etc)
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy

This specialty clinic was started in year 2010. It caters to patients with benign as well as breast cancer. OPD – Wednesday from 1330 to 1600 hrs

The average OPD attendance patients-visits per year are as follows

  • New patient- 9,000 patients per year
  • Liver OPD- 32,000 patient-visits per year
  • Functional Bowel Disease OPD- 10,000 patients visits per year
  • IBD OPD- 2600 patient-visits per year
  • Special liver OPD-3000 patient-visits per year.
  • Pancreatology OPD started 2 years back caters to approximately 900 patient visits per year.

Total No of Indoor Admissions in Surgery in 2015 – 12804
Total O.P.D. cases seen in 2015 (New and Follow up) 34643
Operation done in JMT, MOT in 2015 : Major1 – 809,
Emergency Operations done: Major – 2107,
Minor Operation Theatre statistics – 15809

Most Surgeries are done at no cost or at nominal cost. In case of emergent or poor patients, these charges are waived.


OPD registration in No. 16 timing 0830 to 1030 hrs in old building ground floor (Inside Gate no.2).


Patients of these 8 units get admitted in –

Male Surgical Ward – 5, 6 and 7

Female Surgical Ward – 8

Emergency Surgery Ward and ICU – 20A

SICU – Ward 23

All the wards and SICU are located in the old heritage hospital building on the first floor except ward 20A which is situated on the ground floor.

Operation Theatres

The Main operation theatre also called as JMT (Jan Mohammad Theatre) is located on the first floor of the old hospital building currently between ward 5 and 6. This operation theatre has three operating rooms.

The Minor operation theatre is located in old hospital building on the first floor between ward 6 and 7. This theatre has two operating rooms

Emergency Operation Theatre is situated close to the Emergency Surgical Ward (20A) in the old building on the ground floor. It has two operation theatres.

1-3 months observership, clinical interneships or student exchanges are available for all subspecialties in surgery.

Surgeons or surgeons in training are given priority over other physicians for this program.

Qualified surgeons should send in a an application on plain paper with a photocopy of their postgraduate degree certificate in Surgery to the following address:

The Dean,

G.S. Medical College and K.E.M. Hospital,
Parel, Mumbai 400 012.
(Residents in training should forward their application through their head of department/institution)

In the application please indicate the number of weeks you would like the obervership to be (minimum 4 , maximum 12 weeks) as also the subspecialty/ies you would like to observe.You will be notified the acceptance or otherwise of the application along with the allotted time slot.On the day of the commencement of the course, observers will have to pay a fee at the rate of Rs.1600/- per month for general surgery and Rs.3200/- per month foe specialties . Residents in training could seek waiver of this fee in their application form. Institution can will be able to provide for charged accommodation if there is a vacancy.. Students applying from other countries must get prior permission from Medical council of India. This needs an application form with six photographs to be sent to Students section, Seth G S Medical College, Parel, Mumbai 12. Besides access to clinical work, observers will be able to make free use of the department teaching files and , books and electronic media library.

On successful completion of the course, an appropriate certificate will be issued by the institution.