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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

“It is one of the lessons of history of science that each age steps on the shoulders of the ages which have gone before. The value of each age is not its own, but is in part, in large part, a debt of its forerunners”

– Michael Forrester

The Beginning

The Plastic Surgery Department at Seth G.S.Medical College and K.E.M.Hospital was inaugurated on December 1961 on the initiative of Dr. C.J.T. Pinto, the active support of Dr. S.V.Joglekar, the then Dean and the participation of Mr. Eric Peet of Oxford who was actively involved during the first three months of its existence and for a month each during the next two years. Dr. Ananta Puranik and Dr. Deodutt Bendre were the first Surgical Registrar and House Surgeon respectively. We had about 30 dedicated beds and a dedicated operation theatre. The last was a gracious gesture of Dr. H. N. Dastur, the then Professor and Head of the Department of Neurosurgery. The OT was shared between the two departments at this stage, but as soon as the Neurosurgery OT Complex was commissioned, we were vested with the exclusive use of this OT complex.

The OT Complex

The OT complex occupies the centre of our department and our growth has been centered around it. The large window occupying its northern wall provides a soothing background of greenery and of bird activity. Two decades later the theatre was renovated and air-conditioned. From the very inception, we were well equipped. We obtained an electric dermatome in 1965 and we were the first to have a flash sterilizer and an operating microscope and power instruments for craniofacial surgery.

The Building of a Team

In April 1962, less than four months after its inception, Dr. Goleria joined the unit as Honorary Assistant Professor. On the same day on which Dr Goleria joined, Dr. Mrs Divekar, with experience in Plastic Surgery Anaesthesia, joined our OT and remained with us as a dedicated anaesthetist for years to come. Sister Solomon, trained abroad in Plastic Surgery, assumed the charge of our OT from its very inception. A few years later Mrs. Sheth, who not only had the skills of a dedicated Speech Therapist but also a special concern for our Cleft patients, joined us. Dr C.V.Mehendale, after a long stint in UK joined our department, as a ‘Pool Officer’ in 1966 and after a short while was absorbed in the Faculty.

Individuals, Leadership And Contributions

Dr. Charles J. T. Pinto

The speed and the methodical manner of the establishment of this department, speak volumes for the vision, dedication and tenacity of its founder. Dr. Pinto was a kind person, a compassionate human being, a loyal friend and an ever-willing fighter for justice. He was widely loved and respected. His memory lives not only in the department that he founded, but also in the Dr. Charles Pinto Centre dedicated to the treatment of Cleft lip and palate, founded by Dr. Hirji Adenwalla at Trichur, Kerala and in the CME programme of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India which was dedicated to him years after he passed away. He had an abiding interest in the management of cleft lip and palate. The workload of clefts was heavy. Following cleft lip repair, to ensure timely repair of the palate and to cope with non-compliance they began doing both lip and palate simultaneously. Dr. Pinto using the golf terminology called this a ‘Hole-in-one Repair’, a concept that became dear to the heart of his successor. Along with Dr.Peet he described a procedure for urethroplasty in Hypospadias which was widely used in the department till early seventies. Realizing the importance of exposure to trauma management in the training of a Plastic Surgeon, the management of hand and maxillofacial trauma was brought within the purview of our department in 1965.

Dr. Pinto’s love for the department was unlimited. He passed away on 9th September 1970 , at the age of 54 – as he would have wished – in harness and within the department, soon after completing an operation.

Dr. Kuldip Singh Goleria (Prof and Head 1970 to 1989)

Shortly after Dr.Pinto’s death the mantle of heading the department fell on Dr. Goleria. Dr. Goleria’s interest in the ‘Hole-in-one repair’ of cleft lip and palate has been an abiding interest for over 40 years. In the initial stages it was the socio-economic need. Today it is the dictate of the local morbid anatomy. In 1980, part of the plastic surgery ward was converted to a 12-bedded Burns Unit for adult female patients with or below 50% burns. The aim was to do early grafting so as to prevent the development of deformities and contractures in females. This is the only plastic surgery department in BMC to have a Burns unit attached to it. The work of Tessier on craniofacial surgery witnessed at the 5th IPRS had aroused a desire to establish this specialty in the department. The advent of craniofacial surgery in 1983 – even then, a pioneering venture as far as our country was concerned was possible with the co-operation of the departments of Neurosurgery, Anesthesiology and Paediatric Surgery.

Dr. Chintamani V. Mehendale

Dr. Mehendale’s association with our department had spanned two decades, when he retired in 1986. Essentially, an individualist, he was a dedicated personality, intense in whatever he did and totally devoted to the welfare of the patients under his care. Improvisation and a quest for technical perfection were inbuilt in his personality. Endowed with a scientific mind and a fund of scientific knowledge, his inputs were wide ranging, from creating awareness of the requirements of Medical photography to the development of Surgical Instrumentation. He devised a collapsible vaginal mould for Vaginoplasty both for intra-operative and post-operative use. He also developed a “harness” for facial fractures, a pencil wire twister for jaw wiring, a needle holder for palate repair, a dynamic jaw exerciser, an adjustable skin grafting board and a blade guard. He mastered and developed the art of making facial moulages and photography. His interest in the Indian classical music and his knowledge of the physics of sound production was unique and manifested itself in developing “Anil Vadyam” a new musical instrument.

Dr. Suresh R. Tambwekar

Dr.Tambwekar’s interest in micro-vascular surgery precipitated the acquisition of an operating microscope. Re-plantations and free-flaps began to appear on our operation list in increasing numbers. Dr. Tambwekar is one of the pioneers of Microvascular surgery in India and he has also been the leading force in the establishment of an organised training program at the Ethicon Institute which attracts trainees from all over the country. A visit to China aroused his interest in the management of filarial lymphedema. Under his leadership the ovens used to provide the treatment in China were evolved into special chambers for providing heat therapy. In intractable cases, MRI venography led him to observe perivenous fibrosis in some cases. These improved after venolysis. A joint study was carried out by Dr. Tambwekar with Professor Edwin Turkof of Vienna , on the identification of the level of nerve blocks in Leprosy (for the purposes of selecting the site for nerve decompression) by the use of intra-operative evoked potential studies.

Dr. Roshani E. Rana (Prof and Head 1989 to 2006)

Dr. Rana, an alumnus of this institution, had joined the department as a postgraduate student in 1976. After her post-graduation she continued in the department as a Lecturer, and in 1989, on the retirement of Dr. Goleria assumed the responsibilities of Professor and Head of the department. Her interest in the treatment of vascular malformations has been enriched by the support of an excellent interventional radiology department. Pre-operative embolization of vascular malformations of head and face has made surgery almost bloodless. Availability of fibre-optic bronchoscope has enormously helped the work on temporo-mandibular joint ankylosis. The covering of the new articular surfaces with fascia lata on either side after release of ankylosis has made the post-operative course pain free. The department continues to attract patients from other parts of India for the management of mullerian agenesis and other intersex problems.

Dr. Vinita Puri (Prof and Head since 2008)

Dr. Vinita Puri, an alumnus of LTMC and JJ group of Hospitals, joined the department as Lecturer in 1996. After the retirement of Dr. R.E.Rana in 2006, the department did not have a designated head. But the responsibilities of running the department were jointly managed by Dr. Vinita Puri and Dr. Amresh.S. Baliarsing who were both then Associate professors. A gifted surgeon, Dr. Puri pursued her interests in Cleft surgery, Hand Surgery, management of Vascular Malformations and Maxillofacial surgery and has set a benchmark in these fields with numerous indexed publications and presentations in conferences . Dr. Baliarsing concentrated his efforts in Microvascular surgery and has gained formidable reputation in this field. They jointly conducted the Cadaveric flap dissection course in 2006 and 2007 which was attended by plastic surgeons from all over the country. Dr. Vinita Puri assumed the mantle of Professor and Head of the department in Oct 2008 and is taking the department to new heights in step with progressing times. She conceptualised and began the Aesthetic CME series, under the purview of which was conducted an invited lecture and workshop on Botox, fillers and Live operative Liposuction workshop in July 2009. Dr. Puri has also commenced the Hand clinic in coalition with the occupational therapists and physiotherapists and Maxillofacial follow up clinic to improve patient care. Dr. Puri’s team received their licence for Hand Transplant and conducted the first successful hand transplant in August 2021. The team also have received the licence for Composite Tissue transplant (Face etc) in May 2021. Dr Vinita Puri also started tissue bank service in Jan 2023. The department has state of the art inpatient wards, OT complex and a Microvascular animal lab. Dr. Puri’s dedication to patient care, empathy towards patient suffering, sincerity and openness to new ideas and innovations make her popular with peers and students alike.

Sr. No.


Designation & Qualification



     Email id


Dr. Vinita Puri

Professor and Head

30 yrs


Dr. Kapil Agrawal

Professor (Additional)

20 yrs


 Dr. Venkateshwaran N

Honorary Visiting Consultant


Dr. Chandrashekhar Chalwade

Professor (Additional)

14 yrs


Dr.Nilesh Shende

Associate Professor

 13 years


Dr. Raghav Shrotriya

Assistant Professor

10 yrs


Dr Raghav Mago

Assistant Professor

3 yrs


Dr Armaan Khosa

Assistant Professor (Bonded)

3 yrs


Dr Bashudev Sharma

Assistant Professor (Bonded)

3 yrs


Dr Ravi Teja Mudunuri

Assistant Professor (Bonded)

3 yrs


Dr Viraja Bobburi

Assistant Professor

3 yrs

Location: Ward & Operation Theatre, Old Building, 2nd floor (Gynaecology Wing)

Ward No.


No. of Beds

Intercom Number

Ward 16







Ward 16-A

Burns ICU



Operation Theatre

2 Major
1 Minor



Occupational Therapy

Room no. 260







Department consists of 52 beds (40 Plastic Surgery,12 Female & Pediatric Burns)

OT Complex :

2 Major Theatres & 1 minor Theatre
Routine Surgeries: Daily (Except Tuesday & Sunday). Tuesday – OT Washing Day
Emergency Surgeries: 24 x 7

Tissue Bank :  It was inaugurated on 5th January 2023 by Dr Krishan Kumar, Director – NOTTO.
Skin and amniotic membrane is being harvested. Patients in public as well as private hospitals can access the skin and amniotic membrane, which is available at concessional rates.
Location: 11th Floor, New Building (MSB)

Research Lab:

  • Micro Lab for experiments on animal models.
  • Hands on training for microvascular surgery on models.
  • Any other experimental clinical work.

Apart from central library, the department houses books on various subjects of Plastic Surgery for ready reference — 24 X 7

KEM internet library facilities: for online journals & books.

Venue: OPD 11, next to RMO canteen (container)
Day/ Time: Tuesday & Thursday → 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Speciality Clinics:

Hand Clinic → Thursday 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
OPD 11- next to RMO canteen (container)
Attended by Plastic Surgeon, OT & PT

Transplant clinic for B/l or U/l Hand amputees –
Tuesday 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Thursday 1:30 to 3:30 pm
OPD 11 - next to RMO canteen (container)
Attended by Plastic Surgeon, OT & PT

Maxillofacial Clinic → Monday 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm
Ward 16 (Old Bldg, 2nd Floor)
Attended by Plastic Surgeon & Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Breast Clinic →Wednesday 1:30 pm to 3:30pm
OPD 11 - next to RMO canteen (container)
Attended by General Surgeons (Under Dr. Shilpa Rao, Professor and Unit Head, General Surgery)  + Plastic Surgeons

Birth defect clinic→ Thursday 1:30- 3.30pm
OPD no. 10.
Attended by various specialties (under Dr. Sandesh Parelkar, Prof and Head- Pediatric Surgery)


  • Ambulatory indoor patient are seen in OPD. Discharged patients are asked to follow up in routine OPD.


  • Minor injuries and stable patients can be sent to Ward 16 (or to the OPD, during OPD timings) for assessment.
  • Emergency patients/ Polytrauma patients/Unstable patients will be assessed by the residents in emergency room or respective wards from where reference is sent.

Do’s& Don’ts for referrals (inside the hospital):

  • Written calls preferable as they are logged in ward 16 register for traceability.
  • Please mention – Urgent / Routine on the call. As we receive many reference calls every day please be assured that all routine calls will be attended within 24 hours of receiving it.  Telephonic calls can be done in an emergency BUT these should be followed by written calls also as all these calls are logged in our register kept in ward 16.

  • Hand and FaceTransplants
  • Repair of Maxillofacial trauma injuries
  • Acute burns and post burn reconstruction
  • Replantation and revascularization
  • Cleft Lip & Palate repair
  • Reconstruction for Congenital Hand and Limb/Anomalies
  • Flexor and extensor tendon repair
  • Vascular anomalies
  • Flap Surgeries: for cover of tendons, Bones, Nerves, Vessels
  • Head and Neck– Reconstruction of defect following Wide Local Excision of Oral malignancy using Pedicled / Microvascular Free Flaps.
  • Oculoplastic Surgeries – Ptosis, Ectropion, Eyelid reconstruction, Socket reconstruction.
  • Ear & Nose reconstruction.
  • Neck – Post burn contracture, Torticollis, Pharyngo-esophageal reconstruction.
  • Breast reconstruction, Chest/Abdominal wall reconstruction.
  • Brachial Plexus/ Peripheral Nerve Injuries reconstruction – Myo-neurotisation, Tendon Transfers, Free Functional Muscle Transfer.
  • Flaps for Lower Limb Trauma +/- Bone loss.
  • Vaginoplasty for agenesis, coverage for closure during vesicovaginal fistula, recto-vaginal fistula
  • Hair Treatment(Alopecia)- Surgical (Hair Transplantation), Non-Surgical (Medical Therapy, PRP)
  • Facial Rejuvenation ( Face Lift, Neck Lift, Forehead Lift, Blepharoplasty, Brow Lift)
  • Rhinoplasty –( For post-traumatic deviated nose, cleft lip nasal deformity)
  • Lip Augmentation ( Fillers, Auto Fat Grafting)
  • Chin Augmentation (Implants, Genioplasty, Autografts using Cartilage, Fat)
  • Ear Lobe Repair
  • Keloid Excision
  • Botox , Fillers
  • Gynecomastia surgery (Male Breast Reduction)
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Reduction
  • Liposuction for Gynecomastia, Body contouring.
  • Abdominoplasty (Tummy-Tuck)
  • Fat grafting for hollow cheeks, depressed scars, lip augmentation, nasolabial folds.
  • Scar revision
  • Dermabrasion for post-acne scar
  • Transgender surgery
  • Genital rejuvenation

  • Recognized by M.U.H.S. for M.Ch degree 3 years course. It is also a centre for conducting M.Ch & DNB Plastic surgery examinations.
  • No. of seats: M.Ch degree: 4 per year
  • The unit consists of 4 RECOGNISED TEACHERS.
  • Residents: 4 in each of the three batches, Senior Resident post– 2, SSMO – 4
  • Lectures are delivered for UG, PG, OT, and PT students.
  • Weekly seminar (every Tue 10.30 am), journal reading, case presentations form part of teaching.
  • Visiting guest faculty- 2nd Tuesday of every month.
  • Residents are encouraged to attend various workshops and present papers in conferences in rotation.


  • An observer post lasting from 1-3 month duration is available.
  • Accommodation is not provided & arrangements for stay need to be made independently.


The departmental library houses more than 400 books and journals pertaining to our specialty. Right at the inception we were able to borrow some classics from the Bacha Memorial Library of our Hospital and these are our prized possessions. A number of books autographed by the authors are a valued part of this collection. e.g. “The essentials of Plastic Surgery” by Eric Peet and Tom Patterson.
All research work done in the department in form of thesis submitted to Mumbai University are also catalogued in our library.

Suggested books for reading:

  • Achauer and Sood- Burns reconstructive surgery
  • Plastic surgery textbook by Peter Neligan
  • Mcgregor -Fundamentals of plastic surgery
  • Grabb and Smith's Plastic Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery – by Stephen J. Mathes
  • Green’s Operative Hand Surgery – David Green
  • Lister’s The Hand: Diagnosis and Indications
  • Textbook of Plastic Surgery- by Karoon Agrawal

Schedule for Weekly Academic Activity Presentations


  • Presentations every Tuesday by senior residents.
  • Clinical case presentations and operative procedures discussions by 3rd year residents every week.


Topics for SR1
(20 mins)

Topics for SR2/3
(20 mins)


Hand Anatomy

Post burn and trauma hand contractures
(Anatomy, Etiopathogenesis, Management)


Hand Incisions

EMG –NCV studies


Finger tip Injuries

Mangled Hand


Burns (Acute Management)

Early tangential Excision


Skin Graft

Skin Banking


Z plasty and types

Skin Substitutes


Bone Healing

Regional Anesthesia in Upper limb surgery


Classification of flaps

Flap Physiology


Flap delay and Monitoring

Bio geometry of flaps


Tendon Healing

Tendon Transfer principles


Photography in Plastic Surgery

Tissue expansion


Flexor tendon Injury

Congenital Hand anomalies
(Embryology and Classification)


Extensor tendon Injury

Radial Club Hand Management


Skin lines

LASERS in Plastic surgery



Vascular Malformation


Mandible #
( Anatomy, Principles and Management)

Lip Reconstruction


Zygomatic # And Management

TMJ ankylosis


Fat Grafting

Principles of PBC release


Vein Graft and Nerve Graft Harvest

Eyelid Reconstruction + Ptosis




Costal Cartilage Harvest




Pressure sore


Carpal Tunnel syndrome

Cleft lip and Palate ( Embryology, Etiopathogenesis and Classification)



Facial Nerve Palsy


Cartilage warping

Cartilage Carving and Counterbalancing Technique


Upper limb examination

Nasal analysis and rhinoplasty


Maxillofacial examination

Nerve injuries and management of upper limb

Patient Feedback

We take verbal feedback of our patients about how they feel about their management and the care providers. We believe that our patients are our true assessors and their feedback will help us improve our care.

Patient Education

We educate our patients about various burn injuries and try to raise awareness in the soceity about the need for timely and correct first aid. We educate them about the post burn care. We teach our patients to be self sufficient and give them knowledge for post reconstruction physiotherapy. Emphasis on Exercises is especially focused for post trauma, brachial plexus injuries and burn injuries.

We are currently a single unit department, headed by Dr Vinita Puri.


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  • 29th annual conference NABICON 2021-2022, Mumbai

Organised 29th annual conference of National academy of Burns India- NABICON 2021-2022. It was a hybrid conference held at Fortune Park Lake City , Thane. It was proudly organised by our department. It was co- hosted by Jupiter hospital, Thane. Our logo was the charkha, which symbolises a change in thought and actions. The conference theme was “ to see the change, be the change”.

  • 50th Golden Jubilee APSICON, 2015

Dr. Vinita Puri was the organizing Secretary of this conference and hence the department participated in its organization. The 50th Golden Jubilee annual conference APSICON was held at Renaissance Convention Hotel, Mumbai from 28th to 31st December 2015. The preconference activities were held from 25th to 27th Dec., 2015 at Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai. It was attended by eminent national and international plastic surgeons. It was also a huge hit amongst the budding plastic surgeons

  • World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery, 8th Congress, 2015

It was held at Mumbai in 2015. Dr. Vinita Puri was the Conference Coordinator for this conference. It was attended by microvascular surgery experts from all over the world.



  • Cadaveric Hand Transplant Hands-on Workshop, 30th July  2023

Conducted at the cadaveric dissection skills lab at Nair hospital, with cooperation of Dept of plastic Surgery at Nair hospital. We had eminent faculty to teach hand transplant and procedure for flap dissection.

  • Cadaveric Hand-Face Transplant Hands-on Workshop, 12th April 2023
  •  Cadaveric Hand transplant workshop, December, 2022


Conducted at KEM hospital skills lab to teach hand transplant procedure and pre and post op care. It was attended by various eminent plastic surgeons across the country.

  • Cadaveric Hand transplant workshop, April, 2022
  • Cadaveric Hand Transplant Workshop, 10th March 2020

Conducted with huge success in the cadaveric dissection lab in our hospital on 10th March, 2020. It was attended by numerous trained surgeons to polish their skills on transplant. They were given an overview of the procedure along with necessary information on the pre and post op care.



  • Cadaveric Flap Dissection Workshop, July 2023


Conducted at the cadaveric dissection skills lab at Nair Hospital. It was organised by KEM Plastic Surgery Dept., in association with Nair Hospital Plastic Surgery Dept. Various teams for flap dissection were made and hands on experience was given. Anterolateral thigh flap, free fibula flap, deltopectoral flap, pectoralis major myocutaeous flap, radial forearm flap, recuts abdominal flap were dissected. Dr Rajendra Nehete demonstrated toe transfer procedure.

  • Cadaveric Flap Dissection Workshop, June 2021


Conducted for the post graduate students, which helped them in learning the basic anatomy and procedure of raising flaps. Free fibula flap, lateral arm flap, gastrocnemius flap, lateral calcaneal flap, medial plantar flap, anterolateral thigh flap, latissimus dorsi flap were raised by the residents, while under supervision by the faculty.

  • Cadaveric Flap Dissection Workshop, January 2021


Conducted for the post graduate students, which helped them in learning the basic anatomy and procedure of raising flaps. Anterolateral thigh flap, free fibula flap, gracilis muscle flap, radial forearm flap, deltopectoral flap, pectoralis major myocutaneous flap and groin flap were demonstrated by faculty and later residents got hands-on for the same.

  • Hands on Cadaveric Flap Dissection Course Dec 2007


  • Hands on Cadaveric Flap Dissection Course Dec 2006



  • Aesthetic CME Series – 4th Live operative Workshop – on hair restoration  30th June  2013


The Department of Plastic surgery conducted a Live operative workshop on hair restoration  on 30th June. This was the fourth of a series of workshops to be held as part of the Aesthetic CME series the department conducts yearly. Dr. Rajesh Rajput and Dr. Sandeep Sattur, renowned Aesthetic and hair transplant surgeons, demonstrated their  skills acquired from years of experience. A total of two patients were operated on, dealing with patient selection, decision making and planning, various techniques of hair extraction,  and grafting.

  • Celebration of the Golden Jubilee Year of Department of Plastic Surgery at KEM Hospital :a Plastic Surgery Alumni CME on 3rd Dec and Live operative Multimodality Facial Rejuvenation Workshop on 4th Dec 2011


The Department of Plastic surgery conducted a Plastic Surgery Alumni CME on 3rd Dec and Live operative Multimodality Facial Rejuvenation Workshop on 4th Dec 2011. This was our Golden Jubilee Year hence the department celebrated it by hosting a Plastic Surgery CME for all our Alumni which was followed next day by the workshop. Almost 80% of our Alumni from all over the country and abroad attended the CME and gathering. The guest lectures and presentations covering many aspects of Plastic Surgery were appreciated by all.  This event paved the way for a very meaningful academic interaction between Alumni, delegates and our post graduate students. The CME was also accredited by the Maharashtra Medical Council and all delegates and faculty received credit points for same.

The workshop was the third in the series of workshops held as part of the Aesthetic CME Series the department conducts yearly. Dr.Shailesh Vadodaria, Consultant Plastic Surgeon from London and Dr. Milind Wagh, Consultant Plastic Surgeon from Mumbai, both renowned Aesthetic surgeons, demonstrated their surgical skills and shared their knowledge acquired from years of experience. Videos of thread lift and laser resurfacing were also discussed by Dr. Viraj Tambwekar and Dr. Dhami. Non operative methods of rejuvenation were demonstrated by Dr. Dhami and a team of Dermatologists lead by Dr. Sangeeta Amladi and Dr. Narmada Matang.  Procedures were done on a total of seven patients.  Procedures done were – 2 cases of Face lift, radiofrequency for resurfacing (Dr. L. D. Dhami), dermal fillers, botox, derma rollers and chemical peels.


  • Aesthetic CME Series – 2nd Live operative Workshop – on Breast surgery 25th July 2010

This was the second of a series of workshops to be held as part of the Aesthetic CME series the department conducts yearly. Dr. Lakshyajit Dhami, renowned Aesthetic and Laser surgeon, demonstrated his skills acquired from years of experience, aided by Dr. Ajay Haryani and their team and plastic surgeons of KEM hospital. A total of four patients were operated on, dealing with Augmentation of unequal sized breasts with silicone implants, Bilateral reduction of large sized breasts, Immediate reconstruction post cancer excision with a pedicled TRAM flap (expertly demonstrated by Dr. Sitaram Prasad and Dr. VinodVij) and Placement of tissue expanders in a flat chest male pseudohermaphrodite.


  • Aesthetic CME Series – 1st Live operative Workshop – on Liposuction 26th July 2009

This was the first of a series of workshops to be held as part of the Aesthetic CME series the department hopes to conduct once a year. Dr. Lakshyajit Dhami, renowned Aesthetic and Laser surgeon, demonstrated his skills acquired from years of experience, aided by his team and plastic surgeons of KEM hospital. A total of six patients were operated on, dealing with fat deposits on the buttocks, abdomen, medial thigh regions, arms, and neck. Other interesting cases dealt with were gynaecomastia, hemifacial lipomatosis, and post reduction mammoplasty secondary breast liposuction.


  • Workshop on Botox & Fillers - Feb 2009


It was the first aesthetic workshop conducted at our institute. Eminent plastic surgeons demonstrated the procedures for botulinum toxin injections and filler injections for the face.




           BURNS CME –

  • Organised by the Department of plastic surgery & Department of preventive and social medicine by 23rd Jan 2013.


  • Dr. Michael Peck, MD, ScD, FACS, Director of Ambulatory and International Outreach Programs, The Arizona Burn Centre, Phoenix, Arizona; Clinical Professor of Surgery, University of Arizona; Adjunct Professor, Division of Community, Environment and Policy, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, University of Arizona Health Sciences Centre, Tucson visited our Department. He shared his views and experiences with us and had an interactive CME.




  • Workshops in Confluence 2023.


Organised suturing workshop and Scope of plastic surgery workshop for students of MBBS as part of International conference Confluence at KEM hospital. Dr Viraj Tambwekar, a cosmetic plastic surgeon in private practice, shared stage with the faculty of Plastic Surgery Department. At this workshop Students had opportunities for hands-on in microsurgery on models, local flap planning, wound management and burn dressings.


  • Workshops in Confluence 2022

Organised suturing workshop and scope of plastic surgery workshop for students of MBBS as part of International conference Confluence at KEM hospital. Dr Milan Doshi, a renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon, was invited to be a part of the faculty for teaching advances in aesthetics to the MBBS students. Students were taught the basic suturing skills and told about the various sub specialities of plastic surgery like onco-reconstruction, microsurgery, aesthetics, burns, congenital disorders and gender identity disorders.



  1. Partnership with ReSurge. They provide financial assistance to our patients.
  2. Camp Karma/ Camp Aashakiran – The only national annual Burns survivor camp for kids organized by us yearly.
  3. Voluntary services at Medical & Surgical Camp at Upleta, Gujarat in January every year for last ten years. Organized by Saurashtra Sarvodaya Society.
  4. Voluntary services by our team every 6 months for Cleft lip and burn reconstruction surgeries on the Lifeline Express (Impact India).
  5. Helping Hands hospital, Dehradun for management of post burn contracture patients, in partnership with Resurge on 29th November 2022.
  6. Walkathon –Public Awareness Campaign in Jan 2016

KEM Hospital became the first public health facility in Maharashtra to perform hand transplant.

Photo Gallery

Visit on 29 May 23 by Professor Joseph Muenzer, Pediatric Geneticist , University of North Carolina

Workshop on “Principles of Scientific Writing” 12, 13 October 2017, conducted for Pfizer Ltd

Mr Ashnik Chauhan at the DIA meeting in Chicago in June 2017

90 years of Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, January 2016