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Pulmonary Medicine & E.P.R.C

The journey so far

Dr S. D. Store, a pioneer in the field of Pulmonary Medicine started the department in 1967 in the Cardiovascular Thoracic Centre at KEM Hospital. The facility dedicated to management of pulmonary diseases expanded rapidly. Dr Store was succeeded by Dr Sudhakar Kamat, a visionary in his own right. Dr Kamat identified that it is not enough to treat pulmonary disease- as pulmonary physicians, it is vital to delve into the cause of pulmonary morbidity. Recognizing the role of the environment in respiratory health and disease, Dr Kamat established the Environmental Pollution Research Centre (EPRC)- a health survey unit run by the department. Dr Kamat, recognizing the need for indoor care of patients suffering from tuberculosis as well as the need for managing sequelae of the disease called ‘consumption’, started a separate unit at the Group of TB Hospitals at Sewree. Dr Ashok Mahashur ably carried forward the legacy of his illustrious predecessors. Dr Amita Athavale has followed the tradition of patient care and service and postgraduate training and continues taking the legacy forward in all fields and has expanded the EPRC service for research in indoor environment and lung health.

UG teaching: 180 MBBS students

POST GRADUATE: 4 MD (Pulmonary Medicine) students every year.

Milestones and achievements

1967 – Department established at CVTC, KEM Hospital with indoor and outdoor patient care facilities.
1973 – A new unit started at Group of TB Hospitals, Sewree.
1985 – Establishment of Environmental Pollution Research Centre (EPRC)
1988 – Pulmonary Function Laboratory & ABG Laboratory.
2002 – Level 1 Polysomnography (Sleep Study Service)
2003 – RNTCP OPD service at KEM Hospital
2005 – Exhahed breath condensate analysis.
2007 – Allergen Testing (ELISA Based)
2008 – Asthma Education service (Patient Education)
Upgradation of Pulmonary Function Testing Laboratory
2011 – ABG Lab service upgradation
2016 – Conditional Access Programme for Drug resistant Tuberculosis.
2018 – Thoracic USG started
2019 – Medical thoracoscopy service started
2020 – Upgradation of PFT Lab with Impulse Oscillometry
Post Covid Pulmonary Care service
Starting of DM (Pulmonary Medicine) course 2 permitted seats by National Medical Commission under Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik

Future outlook

  • Proposed ‘Lung Health Institute’ as an expansion of Environmental Pollution Research Centre for integrated translational research and promoting curative and preventive lung health and care
  • Expansion of indoor service to provide state-of-the-art oncology services including chemotherapy, immunotherapy and integration for radiotherapy
  • Starting lung transplant facilities with extensive pre, peri and post-transplant care service
  • Upgrading intensive care services by adding ECMO and dialysis facilities


  • Annual Dr S R Kamat Oration in association with Staff and Research Society
  • Continuing medical education programmes








Email ID


Teaching Experience




Dr. Amita  Athavale


Professor & Head


(TB & Chest Diseases)


30 years



Dr. Vijay Khatri


Additional Professor


(TB & Chest Diseases)


26 years



Dr. Pratibha Singhal


Associate Professor


(TB & Chest Diseases)


24 years



Dr. Divya Jayrajan


Assistant Professor


MD (Respiratory Diseases)


3 years



Dr. Bhumin Patel


Assistant Professor


MD (Respiratory Diseases)


3 years



Indoor Facility
30 bedded ward – Indoor service including 5 bedded IRCU & 3 High dependency beds (Location – Ward 32, 3rd floor, CVTC building)
Separate unit at Group of TB Hospitals, Sewree.

Outdoor facility
Monday/ Thursday.
8 am to 10.30 am OPD
Ground floor, CVTC building, KEM Hospital

Specialty Clinics (by appointment)

  • Airway clinic
  • Sleep disordered breathing clinic
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation clinic
  • Interventional Pulmonology clinic

Patient feedback
Daily feedback with counseling for indoor patients, verbal feedback and in the form of letters of appreciation.

Patient Education

  • Asthma Education service
  • Akashwani/ TV Programmes
  • Articles in ‘Kalamnama’
  • Articles in regional languages for patient education
  • Health and disease awareness lectures by faculty

Academic Courses offered

  • MD Respiratory Diseases
  • DM Pulmonary Medicine

Postgraduate teaching

  • Seminars
  • Journal clubs
  • Case presentations
  • Case based discussions
  • Multidisciplinary radiology meetings
  • Complex case discussions by faculty

Undergraduate teaching

  • Lectures
  • Clinical posting

Student Activities.

  • Dr A N Supe Best published paper award: Association of Environmental Factors, Prevalence of Asthma and Respiratory Morbidity in Mumbai: Need of a Public Health Policy A Athavale, et al Journal of The Association of Physicians of India
  • Service To Humanity Awards 2016 For excellent service in public health system
  • Service To Humanity Awards 2014 For excellent service in public health system
  • ENVIROTECH Scientific Article Contest: First Prize Impact of Ambient Air Quality on Human Health (Indian Experience) Indian Association Of Air Pollution Control
  • Eisenhower Fellowships: Eisenhower Fellow (Women’s Leadership Programme) Dr Amita Athavale
  • ‘Ladhvayya Mumbaikar Puraskar’ Award in recognition of services rendered for bomb blast victims by Social Workers Association for Medical Education and Environment (Dr Amita Athavale)
  • Manavta Seva Puraskar- award in recognition of services rendered for bomb blast victims by Bhayuji Trust (Dr Amita Athavale)

Publication Name


Perturbations of immune landscape in COVID-19 associated mucormycosis


Quantification of sleep architecture in different grades of apnea hypopnea index in patients having obstructive sleep apnea


QTc Prolongation with Bedaquiline Treatment for Drug-Resistant Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Programmatic Setting


Study of use of non-invasive ventilation in patients of acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


Biomarkers in severe asthma: Identifying the treatable trait


Hemoptysis after COVID: Pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysm treated with endovascular coiling


 Retrospective observational analysis of platypnea- orthodeoxia syndrome (POS) in long COVID over 5 months at a pulmonary medicine unit


Platypnea-orthodeoxia Syndrome (POS) in Moderate COVID-19: An Uncommonly Common Bedside Sign?


Review of Clinical Trials in COVID-19: Trying to Solve the Clinicians’ Conundrum


Strengthened capacity of India’sbedaquiline Conditional Access Programme for introducing new drugs and regimens.


Nasal Airway Resistance and Latent Lower Airway Involvement in Allergic Rhinitis.


Multifarius Relationship between Tuberculosis and Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis Bronchoalveolar lavage cytological study with clinicopathological correlation


A novel head support device for prone positioning in acute respiratory distress syndrome.


Assessment of Respiratory Muscle Strength using Maximal inspiratory pressure in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : A study on Indian Population.


  • National Environmental health profile (multi city study)- MOEF & CLIMATE CHANGE, GOI
  • Diagnostic & Prognostic Potential of Immunological & Molecular markers in Interstitial lung disease patients from Maharashtra- collaboration with ICMR
  • Development/ validation of Artificial Intelligence tool for screening & detection of Pulmonary TB & other lung diseases using chest x rays- collaboration with ICMR
  • Estimation of Environmental exposure to volatile organic compounds in residential population, collaboration with GSMC MRU.

  • Respiratory Morbidity Survey –EPRC Team conducts respiratory morbidity survey based on Environmental Pollution related problems reported by citizens of Mumbai to deputy city Engineer, Environment.
  • On site respiratory morbidity assessment survey is carried by EPRC team.

‘Operation Arogya’ a total of 28449 staff from Mumbai Police underwent   respiratory morbidity Health Survey.

Asthma prevalence study in Mumbai Schools

Environment related awareness in school children: Maharashtra Nature Park
Scientific health education lectures and science project competition in collaboration with Science Teachers Association

Asthma Education programme in collaboration with USEPA (FOR CITIZENS OF MUMBAI)

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