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Surgical Gastroenterology


The Department of Surgical Gastroenterology was started on 1st April 2003. It was the first Department offering this Super-specialty in the Western Maharashtra.

The Founder Head was Dr RD Bapat, who later became the Vice Chancellor of Maharashtra University of Health Science -MUHS-Nashik. He along with Dr Chetan Kantharia and Dr Ramkrishna Prabhu began this Department.

After Dr Bapats appointment as the VC of MUHS in July 2003, Dr Avinash Supe was appointed as Professor and Head of the Department.

Dr Supe Headed the Department until 20013, when he was appointed the Dean of Sion Hospital.

At present the Department is headed by Dr Chetan Kantharia.

30 bedded ward
6 bedded ICU with ventilators and Monitors
3 bedded HDU
2 Independent operation theatres
Video endoscopy room
Seminar hall: A-V facilities &transmission from OT
Computerized Record keeping

6 Bedded Cubicle ICU with Media Bridge

Modular Theater with LED lights and Ceiling hanging Media Bridge


Seminar Room

S.No Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Modular Theatre with Laminar Airflow and Ceiling Media Bridge 2
2 LED OT Lights 2
3 ElectroHydraulic Table 2
4 Multi Channel Infusion Pumps 2
5 Electro Cautery 4
6 Rapid Infusion Pump 1
7 DVT Pump 2
8 Erbee Water Jet 1
9 Air matress 6
10 Ventilators 8
11 Pulse Oximeter 5
12 Cardiac Monitor 6
13 Sterilizer 2
14 Harmonic Scalpel Unit & Gen X Harmonic machine 1
15 Patient Warming System 6
16 Air Mattress 6
17 Anesthesia Machine 2
18 I-Stat 1
19 Fluid Warming system 1
20 Argon Plasma Coagulator 1
21 C-Arm Image Intensifier 1
22 Laproscopic Equipment Set including Optics 2
23 Endoscopes:
Upper GI
Side Viewing


Common Wealth Fellow in HPB Surgery at Glasgow Infirmary (1975)
Professor Emeritus.
Former and Founding Head-Department of Surgical Gastroenterology-Seth GSMC & KEMH
Former Head –Department of Surgical Gastroenterology-Seth GSMC & KEMH
Former Vice Chancellor Maharashtra University of Health Science.
Former Vice Chancellor-Mahatma Gandhi Mission Group of Medical Colleges



Director (ME & MH) and Dean,
Professor, G I Surgery
Professor of Medical Education
GS Medical College KEM Hosp
Director, GSMC FAIMER regional Institute
President -Academy of Health Professions Education
Past President, IHPBA- India
Ex Dean – Sion Hospital


DNB-Surgical Gastroenterology
MS-Gen Surgery
Common Wealth Fellow in HPB and Liver Transplant Surgery at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham-UK (2000-2001)

Professor (Addl) and Head-Seth GS Medical College & KEMH
Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital


DNB-Surgical Gastroenterology
MS-Gen Surgery

Assoc Professor (Addl)
Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital


DNB-Surgical Gastroenterology
MS-Gen Surgery
Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic ColoRectal Surgery-University of Connecticut-USA

Assistant Professor
Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital


1 Dr Mirza Kasim Beg Senior DNB GI Surgery Resident
2 Dr Sagar Kurunkar Senior DNB GI Surgery Resident
3 Dr Apurv Deshpande III Year DNB GI Surgery Resident
4 Dr Praveen Kumar Bhat III Year DNB GI Surgery Resident
5 Dr Kishor Jain II Year DNB GI Surgery Resident
6 Dr Karthikgyean R II Year DNB GI Surgery Resident
7 Dr Vinay Mahala I Year DNB GI Surgery Resident
8 Dr Suhail Farooq I Year DNB GI Surgery Resident
9 Dr K. Arun MUHS Fellow in HPB Surgery


1 Dr Nitin Jain 2009 Consultant GI Surgeon at Seven Hills Hospital-Mumbai
2 Dr Sharvari Pujari 2010 Assistant Professor-Department of Surgical Gastroenterology-KEMH
3 Dr Vikram Chaudhari 2011 Senior Fellow in GI Surgery at Tata Memorial Hospital
4 Dr Adithya Nargund 2012 Consultant GI Surgeon at Narayana Hospital- Bangalore
5 Dr Suhail Khuroo 2013 Assistant Professor-Department of Surgical Gastroenterology- SKIMS-Srinagar


State of Art Pulmonary Function Laboratory with Facilities for :

  1. Spirometry
  2. Diffusion studies, assessment of residual volume by Helium dilution method.
  3. Residual volume measurement, airway resistance & compliance measurement by Body Plethysmography.
  4. Cardiopulmonary exercise testing.
  5. Rhinomanometry
  6. Bronchoprovocation test.
  7. Maximal Expiratory and Inspiratory Pressures
  8. Portable spirometry

Equipments: MS PFT (Jaeger), Transfer Test (PK Morgan), Body Plethysmograph (PK Morgan), Spiroair (Medisoft/ PK Morgan), Portable Spirometer (Maestroes)

ARTERIAL BLOOD GAS LABORATORY : Arterial Blood Gas analysis laboratory with 2 blood gas analysers and Co oximetry.

Equipments: Cobas b 221, Cobas b 121 (Roche)

SLEEP LABORATORY: Detailed level I polysomnography is done to evaluate patients with sleep disorders.

Equipment: compumedics.

BRONCHOSCOPY SUITE: We provide bronchoscopic services on Wednesday and Friday morning. We also perform Broncho-Alveolar Lavage, which are analysed by trained Pathologist in Cardiovascular Thoracic pathology department.

Equipments : Olympus Video Bronchoscope, Pentax bronchoscope

SKIN PRICK TETS: for allergy

Asthma Education

The department of chest medicine has an asthma education programme for indoor and outdoor patients.

The EPRC team is also involved in creating asthma awareness and health education of school children.

The EPRC team carries out an annual respiratory morbidity survey of BMC employees working in the chlorination department and sewage pumping stations. The environment pollution research centre conducts regular respiratory morbidity surveys in response to citizens complaints regarding air pollution related health issues.

The report of these surveys are sent for publication in the Environmental Status Report.

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Special facilities for patients

  • An integrated approach to the lung health of the patients rather than only their disease is what we believe in. On the first visit itself the patient is assessed by the physician, the physiotherapist, the dietician and the social worker when applicable.
  • As most of the respiratory diseases are chronic conditions, educating the people about the disease, compliance with medications and appropriate usage of drug delivery devices are of utmost importance. Health education is imparted regarding control of triggers and appropriate use of medications.
  • Environment plays an important aspect in respiratory cases, so the work and home environment of the patients needs to be assessed in indicated cases. In special cases, a team comprising of a doctor, a social worker and a health visitor visits the patients’ home/work environment to assess any environmental aspect acting as a trigger factor for respiratory ailments.

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Studies done at Environmental Pollution Research Centre, Seth G.S.Medical College & K.E.M.Hospital (Reported and published in Environmental Status Report by Municipal Corporation from the year 2002- to 2014.)

  1. Antop Hill Health Survey – April 2001.
  2. Health Survey at Prathmesh Complex, Andheri (Stone crushing and quarry units) – Sept. 2001.
  3. Health Survey at Municipal Printing Press, Byculla – October 2001.
  4. Respiratory morbidity Health survey of workers at Waste Water Treatment Plant & Chlorination
    Plant namely at Colaba, Love Grove, Bhandup complex and Pise Panjrapol.
  5. Tata Mill compound : Star Masala Mill Related health morbidity survey. Year 2002-2003.
  6. Sutar Chawl Residents – Health Survey – Respiratory morbidity due to gold workers.
  7. Traffic Police Health morbidity study (Worli Naka, Pydhuni, Matunga, Tardeo & Dharavi) –
    May 2002. Traffic Police pollutant exposure to vehicular pollution at heavy traffic junction Vs. Moderate & low traffic areas.
  8. Chembur – Maravali Village 2002-03, Residents health study (Total subjects 728) (Based on air quality results Maravali has high levels of suspended particulates).
  9. Study conducted to study effects of Biomass fuel on health of women in collaboration with Indian Women Scientists Association

Study Population :

1) Maveshi Village, Bhandardara, Taluka Akola, Dist. Ahmednagar

2) Eksar Village, Karjat.

  1. Asthma Education & Respiratory morbidity survey at Kumbharli Village, Dombivali – February 2002.



  1. Project funded by MOEF/WHO National Environmental Health Profile 6 areas in Mumbai City.

(Worli, Bhandup, Khar (W), Andheri (W), Maravali, Borivali (control area)



  1. Bhuleshwar area (C-Ward) – Respiratory morbidity study in a residential area
  2. Study of Respiratory health in traffic policemen exposed to vehicular pollution.
  3. Gorai Dumping ground residential area – Respiratory health morbidity study (site near solid Waste dumping ground facility).



  1. New Era fabric Mill area health morbidity study.
  2. Reserve Bank of India employees – To study effects of different modes of transport on Respiratory health.



  1. Asthma Prevalence study in 8th and 9th std. School children.
  2. Incidence of silicosis in flour mill workers.



  1. Bhakti Park, Wadala – Respiratory morbidity related to cement plants around residential Complex.
  1. Asthma Prevalence study.



  1. Respiratory morbidity amongst college students (Smokers Vs Non smokers – HP College.
  2. Shantinagar Colony (slum residents) – Study of health effects near Deonar Dumping ground(Nov. 2008).
  3. Sudha Park (Chembur) – Health morbidity study (Feb. 2009)
  4. Mumbai Police Health Survey (Nov-Dec. 2008).



  1. Problems reported by Residents of Chheda Nagar around Deonar Dumping Ground
  2. Health effects due to ongoing construction work and cement plan in Kurla area
  3. Asthma Prevalence study in 8th & 9th std. School Children continued



  1. Asthma Prevalence in 8th & 9th Std. School children – completed.
  2. Allergen Testing with ELISA amongst allergic rhinitis and asthma patients to identify trigger factors.



  1. Zarina Park (Mankhurd) area health morbidity survey (cancer prevalence).
  2. Asalpha Village, Ghatkopar – Air Pollution related respiratory morbidity.
  3. Shivdi Police Line & Koli Samaj Shivadi – Exposure to coal dust & traffic related morbidity.
  4. Gautam Nagar – Deonar BMC Colony, Deonar (control area) respiratory morbidity.
  5. Initiated project funded by NEERI to study environmental factors responsible for asthma in Mumbai city.
  1. Longitudinal study of Health Morbidity in subjects exposed to :

Waste water treatment plant (MCGM)

Chlorination plant workers (MCGM)

Areas studied : Love grove (Worli)/Colaba Pumping stations – waste water exposure

related health effects on workers.

Chlorination plant workers – Pise Panjrapol & Bhandup.


  1. NEERI Project : Study of determining prevalence of Asthma and environmental factors


  1. Chereshwar CHS Mahul- Air Pollution related respiratory morbidity
  2. Yewai Chemical Plant
  3. Ambapada Gavthan, Vishnu Nagar, Anik Gaon, Shankar Deul and Gavanpada, Chembur
  4. Bhandup Chlorination Plant


  1. Uttam Society, Chereshwar society (Mahul) Chembur.
  2. Chlorination plant workers PisePanjra-pol
  3. Versova Sewage Treatment plant
  4. F-South Solid Waste Management workers


  1. Research Analysis Report – A Clinical trial of efficacy and safety of Montelukast as Monotherapy in patients with chronic stable bronchial asthma. Athavale, G.A.D’souza, Awasthy, N.P.Singh et al. JIMA, 102; Feb.2004. Pg.109-211.
  2. Beta(2)-adrenergic receptor polymorphisms and response to salbutamol among Indian asthmatics. Pharmacogenomics 2005 June ;6(4);399-410 16004558. Ritushree Kukreti, Pallav Bhatnagar, Chandrika B.Rao, Simone Gupta, Babita Madan, Chinmoyee Das, Randeep Guleria, Amita Umesh Athavale, Samir Kumar Brahmachari, Balaram Ghosh.
  3. Once daily ciclesonide delivered via pMDI is effective and safe for the treatment of mild-to-moderate persistent asthma. V.Singh, S.S.Salvi, B.B.Brashier, A.U.Athavale, V.B.Murali Mohan, P.S.Bhttacharya, P.M.Gokhale, P.A.Mahadik, J.A.Gogtay (Jaipur, Pune, Mumbai, Banglore, Mumbai Central, India). Eur.Respir.J. 2006; 28: suppl. 50, 208s.
  4. Bronchoscopy in Pulmonary Hydatidosis Retrospective Analysis, Journal of Bronchology & Interventional Pulmonology [Vol:16,No.:3, July 2009, Pg:172-175] Association of sleep disordered breathing with systemic hypertension. The Indian Perspective, The Indian Journal of Sleep Medicine[Vol:3,Issue:4, 2008]
  5. Incremental yield in sputum smear positivity by examining a second early morning sputum specimen in follow up patients on DOTS:7 year analysis of RNTCP laboratory Register, Indian Journal of Tuberculosis[Vol:5,No.:2, April 2011,Pg:60-65]
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  1. Hydrogen Peroxide in Exhaled Breath Condensate in Common Colds – Amey Paranjape, Jairaj P. Nair, Amita U. Athavale, Shishir Singh in IJSR Vol 3 Issue 10, October 2014.
  2. Lung Adenocarcinoma Presenting as Diffuse Alveolar Haemorrhage in a Young Adult – Jeenam Shah, Milind Baldi, Jairaj Nair, Amita Athavale.
  3. Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia with hemothorax in pregnancy. Sagar Raiya, Amita Athavale, Jairaj Nair, Hemant Desmukh. Case report accepted for publication in Lung India

Research and Projects:

Ongoing Projects

  • Pattern of Drug Resistance among Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  • Study of CD4 cell count in HIV negative patients with Tuberculosis
  • Retrospective study of lung functions in Chlorination plant workers
  • Analysis of pH of Exhaled Breath Condensate and co-relate pH of Exhaled Breath Condensate to severity of COPD

CME programmes

  1. A C.M.E on” Asthma and Allergic Disorders” was held on 5th February 2011.
  2. Continuing Medical Education Programme held on “Tackling Drug Resistant Tuberculosis” on 25th January 2012.
  3. International Continuing Medical Education Programme on “Air Quality, Asthma and Allergy” on 4th April 2012.
  4. Continuing Medical Education Programme held on “Tuberculosis Control in Mumbai-A way forward” on 22nd March 2013.
  5. 16th November 2014, CME on “Asthma & Allergic Disorders”
  6. Friday, 21st October, 2016 – CME: ALLERGY and IMMUNOLOGICAL DISORDERS.

1)Every Wednesday: Clinico-Radiology Meet
2)Once a Fortnight on Sat: Clinico-Pathological Meeting
3)Once a week on Sat: Journal Club and Case Presentation
4)Every Saturday: Grand Rounds
5)Once a month: Guest Lecture

YEAR 2013




Jan 118 212 75 52(9)
Feb 97 164 168 33(4)
March 75 198 91 37(3)
April 104 146 72 56(6)
May 80 261 71 47(4)
June 100 221 87 47(4)
July 104 184 80 50(5)
August 92 130 76 44(3)
September 98 208 91 55(8)
October 95 161 95 52(7)
November 121 172 86 48(3)
December 45
1084 2057 992 521 (56)

YEAR 2014




Jan 118 212 75 52(9)
Feb 97 164 168 33(4)
March 75 198 91 37(3)
April 104 146 72 56(6)
May 80 261 71 47(4)
June 100 221 87 47(4)
July 104 184 80 50(5)
August 92 130 76 44(3)
September 98 208 91 55(8)
October 95 161 95 52(7)
November 121 172 86 48(3)
December 45
1084 2057 992 521 (56)

YEAR 2015




Jan 118 212 75 52(9)
Feb 97 164 168 33(4)
March 75 198 91 37(3)
April 104 146 72 56(6)
May 80 261 71 47(4)
June 100 221 87 47(4)
July 104 184 80 50(5)
August 92 130 76 44(3)
September 98 208 91 55(8)
October 95 161 95 52(7)
November 121 172 86 48(3)
December 45
1084 2057 992 521 (56)

YEAR 2016




Jan 2016 104 234 65 44
Feb 49

1.Performed the First Liver Transplant Surgery in a Public/ teaching Hospital in Western India in September
2.Organized National Conference of IHPBA-2012
3.Organized State level Symposium on Benign Disease of Pancreas Oct 2014
4.Organized State level Symposium on Benign Disease of Pancreas Oct 2014
5.Organized National Level 19th ACRSI Fellowship training course in Colo-Proctology –April 2015
6.Organized National Level 10th Certificate Course in Hepato-Pancreatic-Biliary Surgery-November
7.Pioneer in the Development Cadaver as training module for Laparoscopic Surgery
8.Conducted 19 Basic Laparoscopic Surgery Courses for Surgeons Across India to date.

Photo Gallery

Visit on 29 May 23 by Professor Joseph Muenzer, Pediatric Geneticist , University of North Carolina

Workshop on “Principles of Scientific Writing” 12, 13 October 2017, conducted for Pfizer Ltd

Mr Ashnik Chauhan at the DIA meeting in Chicago in June 2017

90 years of Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, January 2016